Thursday, July 28, 2005

Two kwik links of things that matter to me

I'm not a hopeless pothead journalist who sits on his computer and writes about non-existent problems. Nope, I love driving and I love playing video games. Heck, I'm gonna go get me a PlayStation2 in Bombay, I believe a modded slim PS2 is cheaper at Heera Panna than it is at Palika. And with games like Sould Calibur III coming along, I really need a console. Soul Calibur was my favourite game on the Dreamcast, brilliant gameplay and really a great game. Then came Soul calibur II, and despite the fact that only Japanese language versions were available in India, it kicked ass. And now the third in the series is going to be be wild. has a great preview of the game, and I'm still salivating!
Then there is the new Honda Civic. Even though the pictures released by Honda are for the hatchback, imagine a boot and then lots of these cars on Indian roads by 2006. That is if Honda stays on in India, because mad evil communists now want to throw them out, "We will ensure that the government puts the workers back in the plant" (actual quote courtesy Gurudas Dasgupta). Strange that they want them to invest in West Bengal though! I sincerely apologise for my creed, yes, we do eat too much fish.
The new 2006 Honda Civic.

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