Friday, July 15, 2005

Serious Shit!

I found this at Mid-Day. To store it for posterity, in case Mid-Day is sued....

Tape Transcripts of the Salman-Aishwariya conversations

Ash: Don’t you ‘dare’ me!
SK: Don’t you dare f**k with me, Ash.
SK: Put the phone down you f***ing bitch. F**k Aamir, F**k Aamir, F**k Aamir, F**k Aamir. You f***ing bitch. You f***king slut. F***k Abhishek. F***k Aamir. In your f***ing history. F***ing slut. Nobody has been f***ing like people have f***ked you. You f***king slut.
Ash: Like what?
SK: Put the phone down, it’s a mistake. It’s a mistake calling you up! It’s a mistake calling 100 people to get your number! It’s a mistake finding out how you are! By the time you come back, I am going to get married. F**k you, slut. You b***h. Are you Aishwarya Rai? Are you Aishwarya Rai?"

It gets better... Preity Zinta, she of the bubbly smile and nice ass is a Salamn-o-maniac. BIG TIME!

SK: Aamir Khan chaat raha hai aur bhag gaya chheen ke. Akshay Khanna chat raha tha aur bhag gaya. He is sorry.
Ash: Sorry. Do you remember the good time we had watching Biwi Number 1?
SK: Who is interested in Aa Ab Laut Chale? You know I f**ked Preity Zinta on the sets of Chori Chori Chupke Chupke. Quite a f**k.
Ash: Don’t try to maro line.
SK: I don’t want that bitch’s number. I want your number.
Ash: You tried your luck.
SK: Yeah. I did that. But it is not a problem.
SK: She’s masturbated on me 100 times.
Ash: To make her what?
SK: Take it easy, Ash.
Ash: No, no
SK: Take it easy.
Ash: Take her what?
SK: I said thrice. This is the fourth time. I can make Preity Zinta masturbate on the floor any time. You have all the shit. You know all that stuff. Come on, Ash, you’re going to meet Aamir right now!
Ash: Stop all the crap.
SK: What, we’re talking crap right now? Yeah, right.
Ash: That wasn’t an honest request."

It gets even better, it seems that everybody sleeps with everybody in Bollywood...

Salman and Dia Mirza allegedly had an affair during the Jodhpur outdoor shoot of the film Tumko Na Bhool Payenge

SK: I have the power to do that. Do you know the underworld people call me at 12 at night because I am the main guy in Bombay. You know the underworld is controlled by me? You know I can do that. Why are you saying I’ll be in trouble?
Ash: I heard about Dia Mirza.
SK: Ah. I f****d Dia Mirza too. Hello?"

Wonder if he has a sexually transmitted disease of some sort. Mentally he cracked anyway. Salamn Khan Bollywood's answer to Tom Cruise - on the weirdness scale anyway. No Salman is weirder. Viva India!

The quoted stuff is copyright Mid-Day and Tariq Ansari I guess.


Bonatellis said...

that's a side of preity zinta very few ppl know about ...

Anonymous said...

thats all bullshit u really dont believe that crap do u guys?