Sunday, July 17, 2005

Make up your own mind.

I'll tell you guys what, after people mailing me and asking "Yaar, is it HER?" I decided to use my minimal photo-editing skills and do a screengrab. This is for my few sexually-starved/voyueristic/confused readers (and the few serious ones), and people who do Google Search after Google search and hope to find the clip here, is a close up of Mallika Sherawat (?) in the controversial video. Now manke up your own minds if its her or not. Post comments on the issue.

Interestingly, now we hear that some Bollywood stars do camcorder action (Pamela Anderson/Tommy Lee style) as well. Expect more hilarity as the entire country starts chasing badly made sex clips.
The clip is widely available online, and no matter what Mallika Sherawat does, its beyond her control. The American Music industry is still trying to get around file-sharing, I doubt a Bollywood/Porno actress can.
Tomorrow - Mallika goes to the National Commission for Human Rights. Indian Express laments the rise of porno, Times of India (via Delhi/Bombay Times) starts doing a Today and printing 'mildly explicit' photographs. Hindustan Times starts writing on the rise of sex and the underworld. And Mid-Day prints the names. Fun! I wonder when they start of the sex lives of cricketers - because that I do want to read!


Bonatellis said...

phew!! that's good work :-)

K said...

very tiring it was too.

sightless without eyes said...

Bhaijaan, I gotta say, its been a while since i checked this page (the last time was when you wrote on the traffic in delhi) but it hasnt dissapointed.
The SK, Ash conversation had me in splits and the bit about the media and the whole Mallika thing is real good!
btw, im now a journo too so in the same boat as you.

K said...

Its a rocking boat, but the frills are rather basic.

Anonymous said...

I think its her for sure. Looks too similar.