Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Some Pics of Cal and planes....

Now that Blogger allows you to post pics, everybody who sees my blog can see my crappy collection of pics. Just click to expand them, I guess you knew but anyway. Thank god for 1.3 megapixel cameraphones, and in particular the Nokia 6880. I'm supposed to write a review on the phone, but put simply this is a really nice gadget. Anyways, lets start with the pictures. The first one is a shot of the new Howrah Bridge taken from near the Princeps Ghat railway station. We had gone there to immerse my grandfathers ashes. I'll post these images to Flickr in a bit, but for the time being, I'll just post them directly to the blog. My apologies if you use a dial-up. The next image is a simple aerial shot taken from the Air Deccan flight I caught back to Delhi. It was quite beautiful to break through the low lying cloud and into the sun. Its a quite amazing thing the monsoons, possibly the world's most freaky meterological event. Every year, the winds in this part of the northern hemisphere just change direction and instead of heading for the African rift valley just dump rain all over the Indian subcontinent. Well, some parts more than others as Gujarat discovered this year.Flying Air Deccan today was far more pleasant than I thought it would be. OK, so the seat pitch was pretty small, but for gods sake, Jet Airways has equally crappy pitch in Economy Class. Only Indian Airlines has decent seat pitch in Economy. In addition, while Air Deccan questions why we need a meal, I really wouldn't mind some water, which is why I think SpiceJet is slightly better. But, then again I got a Rs 3300 ticket back to Delhi for Wednesday late on Monday evening. Not bad. However, what will sink Air Deccan is not the slightly expensive snacks or anything, it is the awfully crappy nature of their website. Really, the Air Deccan website sucks, booking online is near impossible, so you have to grin and bear a Rs 150 charge for using their call centre. Again, SpiceJet wins, along with Kingfisher these two new carriers have great websites, and according to friends and colleagues who have flown on these airlines, other than kharoos airhostesses the airlines are rather nice (and as they never failed to say - they're CHEAP). Their website is really classy, not cluttered like that of Jet or Indian Airlines (it takes a genius to work IC's website - before you work out to append a '0' to every three digit flight number). So while you have to admire Captain Gopinath for what he started, including doing a Michael O'Leary (of Ryanair fame) with headrest covers (sponsored by Sri Krishna Sweets of Chennai), he really needs to improve his website. Anyway, I'll post some more stuff later. And I keep getting more people looking for 'Mallika Sherawat Sex MMS download' to this blog. Hmm, those last few words will boost my traffic again, after all, I'm a bastard!

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