Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Gurgaon Riots

I'll take a contrarian capitalist view over here. Its a bloody good thing that the Haryana cops trashed the living daylights out of the Honda workers. Why? Firstly, these illiterate folk have been organised by evil communists and communists are evil, end of theory, no thats an idiom. No honestly, why were these workers fired - because they were lazy. I'm sorry, but when NDTV's bleeding heart reporters go on the 'without a job' story it makes me sick. Honda has over the last twenty years been one of the largest single foreign investors in India. Sure, it has made its money back from Hero Honda, buts lets be honest, without Hero Honda motorcycles Indian roads would very likely not be the way they are. We would have still had to deal with ratty old Bajaj Chetak scooters. Hero Honda motorcycles with their lean burn technology and ride comfort redefined personal mobility in India (I mean it was walking before that rioght?). Of the protestors, only around half were workers, the rtest were just luchhe lafange, pe4ople with nothing better to do. This is not a sarkari job, I'm glad Hindustan Times fired their lazy unionistas, and Honda Motors wants to fire their unionistas as well. Union leaders over here see Unions as a backdoor into politics and hardly ever do anything for their workers - just look at Hindustan Times and the Mumbai Mill wokers. Their leaders were involved in politics that they forgot their members. I don't think Unions are a bad thing, well not in the way WalMart thinks that unions are bad. One of the most heavily unionised corporations in the world is SouthWest Airlines in the US, the world largest and most successful low-cost carriers. While Unions have driven the large US carriers to the ground, SouthWest has become the fourth largest carrier in the US with a fleet of 450 aircraft and a workforce nearly completely unionised. Yet, they have had over 100 consecutive quarters of profits (for a US airline thats amazing!) and tremendous worker peace. That said, what happened in Haryana yesterday was importand to tell the Gurudas Dasgupta's of the world to lay off and let capitalism take hold, unions have destroyed many Indian companies (ask the Birla's) and we are a country that needs foreign investment (from more Japanese companies - Honda Motors has invested Rs 800 crore to date and plans to invest another Rs 800 crore - thats $300 million in all money that Indian could do with). Anyway, more later.


livinghigh said...

a-ha. a story just broke on renewed riots in gurgaon today. my own newsroom is quite aflutter at de news. ppl are busy trying to find a 'human' face. i dont they consider capitalists like u and me and their frikkin reflections in de mirror 'human' enuff!

K said...

Yes the poor union leaders lost their jobs and are unemployed - so sad!

s c r a p s s t u f f s said...

Well, serves the workers right! They started it first, beat up the DSP and attacked the police. Now we all saw what happened when the police got mad.

Interesting blog, BTW. The desi media is truly a bitch, especially the bleeding heart liberals like NDTV.