Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Bombay under water...

Sreenivasan Jain's coup of getting aerial shots of the Mumbai shutdown is tremendousd. True, this was a deluge of biblical proportions and had I taken the morning flight I would be part of this mess just like Single and Double Daddy. The pictures are tremendous - especially on NDTV (all three channels) and Star News and the aerial shots were like- Whoa! Bombay airport is like a lake, Juhu heliport has become a lake. This is wild, and boy I'm lucky. That said, while its obvious that NDTV scored big time with footage, some of the people they interviewed were oddballs (save Aamir Khan) the women who says 'Air India Sucks', well, the sad fact of life is that there is not much people can do, even airlines, and that includes hotel rooms, I'm sure that BA, Lufthansa and the lot would have aslso left passengers high and dry. Planes are all out of sync (with fouty planes stuck on the tarmac of Mumbai) not much to do, if you can afford to make your own arrangements do that, don't expect anything else.

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livinghigh said...

o-ho... welcome to ure new home. :-) so when do u get to bbay?

and nopes, i didn't float anywhere.