Sunday, July 24, 2005

Packing and a visit to the temple.

I started packing today, not taking too much to start with, just loads of clothes, some shoes and a few books. I'll take provisions when I come back to Delhi next month to pick up the Alto. I also went to Kali Bari at CR Park today morning, as it was 13 days sisnce my grand-dad passed away and we had to offer prayers. This also means that Mom will be coming back into town after a long time.
I'm a temple person, but I guess once in a wehile it is a decent thing to do. I mean it keeps Mom happy. Friendgirl also insists that I go to the temple every once in a while. Anyway, after spending a lot of time with Friendgirl, she decided (for me) to go shopping. Went to a sale at Westside where I acquired a nice pair of Lee Jeans for a decent price. But, I was flabbergasted at the number of people shopping, it was insane. No wonder people are building malls like crazy.
I went back to watch the Formula One race today and for the second time on German soil, Kimi Raikkonen had awful luck. He should have by all rights won the German GP, instead Fernando Alonso won and stamped his name on the drivers championship this year. But, the star of the race for me was Juan Pablo Montoya who came from last position on the grid to second. Great drive.
Lets not get started on Narain (now say NA-RA-YAN not NA-REN). True he has possibly the worst car on the grid in the Jordan Toyota. But if the Toyota engine can get Jarno Trulli to the podium, why can't Jordan do something. After all, I believe the Jordan team is also owned by a Russian billionaire (like Chelski) so built a good car. But, even if they do build a good car, Narain will spin it and then call up his Indian journalist cronies and cry 'Bad luck, bad car, poor me.' You might say I'm being rough on the chap, no I'm not - there is no way in hell Narain could defend what he did in the US Grand Prix, sure he raced because his team decided to, but he defended that action - and for that those five points he has are worthless. Get it straight, Narain will not succeed in F1 (Alonso is six years younger than him, Kimi seven) he might potter along as long as sponsors buy him a seat, but honestly, its a waste of money. Amaron batteries can make a lot more much nicer Claymation adverts than sponsor Narin.
On another note, my Alto has no pickup. Climbing up a flyover it feels like you've added a lead weight to its backside. With the AC on, its like awful. But it gives me great milage and I shouldn't really complain since the car is so cheap. Anyway, you can't drive too fast in Bombay anyway.
Plus after seeing the pictures in the papers today - Is Mani Shankra Aiyar Lakshmi Mittal's bitch? Because after that picture, I've got grave doubts about our Petroleum Minister, I wonder if il diplomacy means more than just money? But then again if India's oil security has to gained by selling people's asses, so be it. It's Mani Aiyar's ass anyway.

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