Saturday, July 09, 2005

The Saturday...

The Friendgirl, remember her, you know the same old one, I used to write about earlier and then had a gag order passed on me after a fight between the two of us got of hand and onto the blog. Well, we are still friendgirl-friendboy, but the point is, umm, oh yeah, she managed to tear some ligaments on her foot yesterday while she was in Aurangabad. Now, missing a step and falling down might seem funny, and usually if some such tragedy befell someone I would be in hysterics, givens that I am a rather heartless person. But, I didn't laugh at friendgirl, simply because two years ago the same thing happened to me, inside my house, not in some strange dark staircase in another city. OK, so I was stoned and didn't notice the pain for another day, but once the pain started it was bad, really bad. Anyway, friendgirl is in a lot of pain, and she isn't taking my calls right now, so I have no clue how she is. Other than the fact that she is wearing a cast.
On another note, one set of parents (and brother) went to Lahaul-Spiti and are cut off because of landslides, and I have to shift out of Delhi and they aren't back and I need them back very quickly, but I doubt that will happen soon. The other set is in Mauritius. So it seems the family flag is being flown by yours truly. Why?
On a brighter, better note, this weekend I have a bright-red Swift ZXi to drive around town with a full tank of fuel courtesy Maruti. Sweet. I always have liked the Swift, but driving it around town I noticed that the gears can tend to be a bit 'tall', which means that there is a rather longish gap between them. But, when you do want to get some zoom, this car can respond like no other car around. Even in the city if you manage to find a nice small stretch of road, just move the gear down a cog and blast off. This car can move and it gives a rather nice sense of sturdiness. I wonder why Maruti didn't use the Info display panel on the dashboard, but I really like the ZXi model and the great JK Vectra tyres which hold on to the road like nothing else. I'll write a more detailed and unbiased (non-auto-magazine style) review after the weekend. Talking of auto magazines, Fat Ron is taking over as editor of Auto India. The problem is that Auto India is owned by Ashok Advani who owes various sundry journalists lakhs of rupees. I just hope he manages to get paid.
If you check the National Crime Records Bureau you discover that the amount of crime in India is astonisingly low. In all of UP there were only some 5000 recorded murders last year. This is a state with a population close to that of the US, where crime lords rule and caste violence kills a few thousand people every year and there were only 5000 murders? You have to be seriously kidding me.
Just as I discover that I can post images directly from FlickR to the blog, Blogger allows people to post images directly. No fair. Anyway, I went to the airport again today morning, doing something about private jets. Got some nice tarmac shots, very sweet.

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