Sunday, July 10, 2005

Parking Delhi style.

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Too many cars, too little place to park. I took this photograph out of my office, and this was in the late evening on Saturday. So you can imagine how bad it is on regular days, most cars are parked three deep and usually have two rows parked horizontally across their bows. If I ever find the person who decided to build our office building in the boondooks. If I get to office too late I won't get a place to park, and that would mean I have often park almost half a kilometer away, and walking half a k in Delhi summer heat is not a very appealing thought.
There is major gossip that our office is shifting out. The conspiracy theorists are putting us in Jaggery Village. Thankfully, I am told it may not be that bad, and it might only mean a shift to CP, which is a great thing. But the problem is that I won't even be in Delhi when that happens. I'll be living out of a hole in the wall somewhere in Bandra.
And another result of PeePee, our great minister for Civil Aviation allowing fatty and his ilk to start up surrogate adverts disguised as airlines has meant that there is virtually no parking at airports like Delhi. And this while the Airports Authority of India charges a hand and a leg for parking (Rs 50 for four hours - pretty bad by Delhi standards, dirt cheap by Manhattan standards I know, but look at it from a Purchasing Power Parity point of view)
My parents (the ones stuck beyond Rohtang) are having a helicopter sent to them to ferry them out of there. Which means that the Accent will be stuck in Manali for some time.
Friendgirl came back in a cast, and now her Mom has come down to take care of her. So nmy nursing services are not wanted. However, I still cannot convince the girl NOT to go to work. She insists, despite me telling her that she could make the injury worse.
Sigh! The news from Cal isn't very good either, I was told that I might have to come back at short notice. Double sigh!
PS : I just heard from Mom they've crossed Rohtang and are now on their way back into civilisation. Thank god for that! My brother must've driven those poor people batty.


shyam said...

That is the VT parking lot? We are car pooling for now in an godawesome Bolero which the parking chappie has asked to leave just inside the gate. Good fun!

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That lot looks worse, I'll click another pic sometime