Monday, July 25, 2005

Last Day in Delhi.

After five years of bumming around Delhi through three different jobs and six different designations, I finally leave for a different city tomorrow. It could have been different - if for example I didn't screw up six (yes, six!) interviews from the IIM's and XLRI in 2000 and 2001 or had actually given my GMAT in 2002. It could have been different if the girl I loved then loved me too. It could have been different had I decided to go to some other college rather than St. Stephen's (and then not stayed in Rez), maybe things might have turned out completely differently had my parents marriage not broken up or even if my admission into St. Columba's School. There are way too many variables, but the end result is that I am here, working as a journalist and quite happy doing that, so far. I can still give my GMAT, I do have a friendgirl who genuinely likes, maybe even loves me, (lets not get into relationship dynamics now, too complicated) and I want to go to Bombay. Don't get me wrong, I've lived in Delhi since 1987, I'm more Delhi-ite (aka Punjabi) than Bengali, I love this city, I love the roads, the trees, the fact that the hills are so close by. But I want to live somewhere else and experience something else. Do I feel strange leaving.
I've collected some 1000 odd visiting cards in the last four years, most of them must be redundant, but still it feels trange that I actually met and exchanged cards with so many people in the last four years (ignoring the rather facile nature of my first job). I've worked for absolute assholes, hipocrites, motherf***ers, but I like my current crop of bosses. I mean, I have my issues with them at times, but I like the place, especially #1 and #2. I just hope the guys in Bombay are as good.
My lives savings are zilch, I have a few thousand bucks owed to Citibank for my Credit Card, in Bombay I'll get paid jackshit (well, considering I'll be running my own set-up), but I guess I'll work my way up. Anyway, I bought new underwear and socks (as well as a new pair of Jeans) so things should be decent on the hygiene front at least for a short time.
But first, I have to find a house. And somehow not get butterflies in my stomach about leaving Delhi. I know I'll come running back here if things don't work out, so be prepared for that. About this blog, hmmm, I'll do to make some template changes I guess, chuck Naren out since he hardly posts and may become a bit irregular until I get a laptop or something. Lets see.

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rums said...

you have fun kiddo! b'bay will make a man out of you, i'll bet on that. and keep in touch.