Friday, July 15, 2005

Salman, Aishwarya and a drunken phone call

You want to know my rather humble opinion of this entire Ash-Salman phone call business, which the Times Of India thinks never happened and has buried it as a single column in an inside page. Its quite simple. I think Ash, at least around the time of this phone call had recently dumped Mr Macho, so Mr Macho goes and made friends with Mr Walker (or Mr Daniels) that night. After imbibing a few litres of the brew, Sallu Dada gets a call from the maiden and well, all hell breaks lose. Now, lets look at this from a psychiatric point, Sallu, and I think he is a muscle bound monstrosity, doesn't have anything much upstairs, but obviously had a emotional bone. Now, remember this guy has just been dumped by Little Miss Rai, so he loses it. Big time, and he is drunk, so he doesn't really know what the fuck he is saying. "I can have you killed", "Abu Salem is a friend" etc etc, you know the transcript by now.
We've all been dumped, badly, at least once in our lives and we all tend to get rather emotional about it, I know I have. A friend of mine still wants to kill me because he believes I played a role in his getting unhitched - which I did not. But when your synapses are going beserk up in your head, you can't think straight, and especially if your synapses have been used to a daily diet of steroids, they do tend to get a bit more screwed.
Anyway, so Sallu acts like any man who has a litre or two of alcie and maybe a few lines of charlie would, he tries to threaten the poor girl into un-dumping him. Charlie said I? Yes I did, I'm sure the guy was dosed up of Cocaine and thats why he was talking big (and silly). Everybody has looked at the transcript, but nobody has really read between the lines. I loved this one though - "You used me like I used you." Well, Sallu at least you got to screw Aishwarya on a regular basis, that is more than any of us can say (maybe Vivek Oberoi, but does Ash sleep with him? Moot point) so cheer up.
Sallu is doing Kat Kaif now, so now need for him to feel depressed, he should just know how to handle emotional distress. Not that I am a great expert on the matter, I brought a fight onto this blog (post deleted). But I wonder how he does it? I've been led to believe that doing too many steroids kills a mans balls. That said Sallu should be locked up in a mental institution for life - he has killed people on the road, killed a Black Buck and terrorised a cute babe. The man is nuts.
And you have to admire Aishwarya's atoic silence on the issue.
Now can the TV media stop this please, I'm bored.

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