Friday, July 29, 2005

200 hits and Friday night linx

There have been over two hundred hits on this blog today and there is an hour still to go. Subtracting my ten hits, the blog should still cross 200 today, and with renewed activity from Naren, this is rather happeniung part of the global blogosphere. Even though I think I will get into trouble for blogging so much. But blogging is becoming addictive, its nice when people drop by and leave comments, OK, so most of these people are as vela as I am but what the heck. And so what if half the visitors here Googled for Bollywood gossip, its still cool. I'm kicked about this.
Here is some Friday night goodies, and why am I at home tonight, well I made friends with a bottle of Black and White last night and I am still recovering, I'll catch a movie tonight on the DVD. Thinking of All About My Mother or maybe I'll watch Hero again.

Nice Nintendo keychains, I really like the Mario One!

A great story on Wired News about the birth of Google!

Blind 17-year old is a pro at.... Video Games!

Flash poetry (ubercool)

You know the Japs are weird - but this? Expect robotic sex toys in three years!

These guys have some really neat furniture, I like the low-res chair lots!

Don't think HDFC or ICICI will have these anytime soon!

The Razer Copperhead - the coolest and fastest mouse on Earth!

Anyway its getting late now!


Anonymous said...

a rule about blogging is that you don't make it obvious that you are blogging for the kick you get from hits and comments. it's obvious - this is why everyone blogs. and do you follow

K said...

Ya, its linked on the right bar. And you should call a spade a spade!