Thursday, July 21, 2005

Lolly Sherawat?

ToI today carriers a story saying how they have tracked down the Mallika Sherawat lookalike. More like how Mallika Sherawat has tracked down this Latina hottie called 'Lolly'. In Mallika Sherawat's defence, something that I loathe to do, but I will, there is a surpring similarity between Lolly and Mallika. But, as I have said before, what did Mallika do between Jet Airways and Mahesh Bhatt? See, who says my blog isn't gossipy?

Said image is of Lolly. Please notice similarities to Mizz Lamba. But you have to admire American porno, they have good looking actresses Not like the stuff you get in India - the latest being the Lakshmi Nagar 'Kaand' from Delhi of a plump woman who would not get a second look on the street now becoming hot property, as is the camera phone 'home video' of a couple in Gurgaon, and the infra-red imagery of the Mysore scandal is legendary. Yet, we still can't find any decent quality professional porno, Mahesh Bhatt are you listening? Before you say, we want more pictures of Miss Lolly Sherawat (hmmm, I still dunno), this is a family-friendly blog, and it seems that Lolly has a bad habit of losing her clothes quite often. One or two curse words aside.
On another note, as I am about to become a hallowed member of the working classes in the Big Guava. And thus will give up the luxury of morning tea. Damn! Two more days of work to go in Delhi. Also several cases of beer still to go. Anyway, now back to work.


Anonymous said...

I am pretty sure that some Bollywood director (Ramu?) will track down this Lolly (she is hot!) and put her in a movie. And hopefully she will become bigger than Reema Lamba.

Anonymous said...

hey man, cool it off on ms. lamba.....she may be a bitch but atleast she has bitch written all over her, she leaves it all out, in her cleavage or on her sleeves, for all to see, unlike the phokin bhenjis of bollywood, esp that salad tosser aishwarya rai, man she is the biggest bhenji i have seen in all my life, and i have seen a lot of girls.....she is just so fake.....i liked her when she become miss india something and then miss world, n thought that indian girls have finally shown up with attitude, but her subsequent actions have made it clear she is nothing but a born-to-be-housewife whose choice of men and career is pathetic beyond words, she bloody was involved with salman khan, how can any girl with brains get involved with that phokin chutiya, only thing separating that guy from a bum on the street is that he doesn't don the lungi and a line of dripping pan-juice....a one-night stand with him is fine but a relationship with him and take so much shit, from what we have witnessed in the public imagine how much shit he musta been giving to her in private, is freaking crawl off of the back of ms. lamba and her fake breasts.....n do you have any concept of sex or porn dude???? u like american porn????? i prefer hentai action anyday over the fakeaucity of lights, camera, silicon in place: check, action porn, and hentai is not even real fanny man.......