Sunday, July 17, 2005

Bollywood sex and more...

Well well well, it turns out that Mallika Sherawat is doing a Anara Gupta, she has gone to the National Commission for Women complaining about the 'ashleel' MMS. Hmmm... Honestly, after some expert analysis by quite a few people yesterday, including some girls - that is Mallika Sherawat in that video, just like it was Anara Gupta it the earlier video. It was definately not recorded on a phone, it was a pro-recording, so one wonders what the heck Mallika was doing before she became a top Bollywood actress - Maybe she was a porno actress in the West. I don't think there needs to be a maybe anymore. I mean after she was a Jet Airways air-hostess and before she became a Bollywood actress - this is a pretty long gap. And a lot of things might have happened.
I believe when someone approaches the NCW in a case like this - they are also proclaiming their guilt. It cannot be a 'morph' as Mallika claims because that level of CG expertise even Hollywood doesn't have. And it would take a hardcore obsessive compulsive guy to sit and change 24 frames a second (OK, only the frames with her face) for eight and a half minutes. That is alter the face, change every facial movement - perfectly. No way, Jose. Unless of course there is a Mallika Sherawat lookalike in the porn industry. By lookalike, I mean TWIN. But the the speed with which Mallika Sherawat changes names you never know. I wonder what her porno nom de plume was - Mummika Lamba?
Therefore, one of Bollywood's biggest heroines is a former porno actress. Big Deal. From yesterday's conversation transcript it seems that Ms Preity Zinta does a lot of strange things. Kinky chick. And another Bollywood actress (we have Salman to believe here) goes screwing around with everything.

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