Friday, July 08, 2005

Left-wing or what?

So what do I believe in? Nothing actually. A friend of mine, who knows me and knows this blog asked me where the heck I'm coming from. At least on this blog. So here is a bit about me - I'm a very curious mix between being a liberal, at least on social issues and a political nationalist. I abhor the reservation system, and hate politco's who abuse caste and religion for votes, which means I hate all Indian politicians. My economic ideals are wildly different from a vast majority of Indian bloggers, who tend to be violently left-wing, not just on social issues but also economic issues.
Wake up, smell the coffee, Communism has failed. Hugo Chavez might be your hero, but he's making money from oil, which is pumped up by Chinese and Indian demand. China is not a Communist state, rather it is coming closer and closer to The Republic, where Plato describes his ideal state. I won't be surprised if the Chinese aren't already practicing some form of eugenics. Anyway, money is the ultimate form of success, unless you define success as the amount of people you've slept with (where I would qualify as a 'middling' success), because despite hordes of psuedo left-wing desi bloggers, the fact of the matter is virtually none are from what one might describe as a 'depressed' level of society. Most left-wingers in India are seriously misguided upper middle class youth who profess to have above average IQ's and in Delhi at least went to either Stephens/LSR/Hindu (most likely). Left-wingers, and people who believe we should improve the living standards of the poor by throwing money to them are nuts. I mean Tom Cruise sort of nuts.
I believe that economic progress can solve a lot of India's problems, something that even high-level left-wing loonies like Mister Karat and his ilk will not debate. Don't you find it strange that Karat and his buddies are complaining about Shourie's stance on the disinvestment of a really really crappy hotel in Bombay, but will they complain about the Ambani's buying out IPCL. Did they even raise a fucking peep when Anil Ambani raised valid corporate governance issues which impact common shareholders of Reliance, you know the common middle classes? For that matter, how many of them made a noise when Anil (via Tony Jesudasan) exposed Pramod Mahajan's interest in Reliance Infocomm, or for that matter the Commies never made a peeep when Mukesh started Reliance Infocomm and barged his way to a mobile licence. Care for the common man indeed! The Communists in India are beholden to the Ambani's (like most political parties) and you expect me to believe that these men are sincere. Like every other political party, save probably the RSP (which believes in the single point agenda that even at the grand old age of 150 something Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose is alive, you just gotta love kooky Bongs!). The Ambani's are masters of the licence system, and fully opening up India's economy would well, not suit them - for example why did the Left get so batty about retail FDI, not because Mom and Pop stores would be killed by the evil monster from Arkansas, because if WalMart came to India you the consumer would benefit with lower prices (heck, it would mean cheaper shampoo). You see if WalMart came to India what would happen to Reliance's plans for retail expansion? If the Commies get hot under the collar (vis-a-vis Ambani matters), the Ambani's tell them that all the West Bengal's government's refinery plans will go down the drian. While people applaud the Commies for standing up to the Italian (Unlike the BJP which is mastering the art of hara-kiri) and I also believe that doing that is a good thing, their real motives will never be written about in the media. No because, left-wing sympathisers cannot accept that their icons (two batty old men, one Sardarji and one Bong - there look at Punjabi-Bong collaboration) are corporate sellouts.
OK, I've written stuff that should not be discussed beyond polite society, so I'll shut up.

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shyam said...

I've grown to disown the broad specturm of the Indian politicial intelligensia over time.

Not because I am disappointed with them or something (that happened like 10 years back), but because they all are whores one way or the other, ready to sell their souls for the right rate.

In any case, most of the policies will continue to be the same: left, right, middle or whatever, the only difference would be who gets to keep all the shady monies.