Friday, July 22, 2005

I self confused...

Sometimes things start to disasterously wrong rather quickly, and you being an idiot take it forward. This does not mean I did several lines of cocaine last night, but I wouldn't have really objected to that, because certain people (not me) had the wherewithal and I was fucken out of bloody outer space (beyond the Van Kuiper belt sort of outer space) and then two of my closeest friends (one from school, the other from college) had to have the most out-of-worldly conversation I have ever heard in a long time. Don't get me wrong, these two chaps were having the most intellectually stimulating conversation in a long time - about Ashwathama (he is one of Hinduisms nine immortals but too many of you don't know the really interesting things about Hinduism) then they moved on the sense of being or not being - is there one aatma? Is all action ultimtaly directed by Shakti? Hmm. Very interesting, but I was way too much alcohol down to even get a word into the conversation.
Alcohol has suddenly re-entered my life in a big way. Second time this week I got pissed drunk, this time with Towelman Chyma in tow, which meant that TGIF loved us. And offered us two rounds of Tequila for the price of one. Its not exactly a great idea to do Tequila shots on a weeknight, after you're already very drunk, and at 12 at night its near suicidal. Not for me, but its a bad idea nonetheless, and sadly there was no female quotient to this group (other than the Chinky that Adsomus Rex was eyeing throughout the evening) its a really bad idea. Nope, but Towelman, had a rock-star epiphany suddenly and we had to imbibe two shots of Tequila each. We punished TGIF (I punished to be more precise, because I still haven't forgiven them for chucking me out of the CP outlet cause I was making out with this cute girl in the corridor leading to the loo) by whacking some shot glasses. We tried whacking eight (out of ten, and one glass broke) but they caught us and we returned three. Serve them bloody right. Quite amazing my collection of accessories whacked from bars - ashtrays, glasses, spoons, coasters - Shades even whacked a Fosters bar mat and one of those glass balls from Buzz. We are all hardcore Kleptomaniacs.
On another note, I've discovered that a lot of a people visit this blog searching for the meaning of the word 'Chutiya' thanks to a post I wrote back in January. Now, that was written after Snake man came out with a huge theory about what is better - being a Chutiya or a Gaandu. Anyway, to be honest, after spending the majority of the last eighteen years of my life in Delhi and going to a all-boys school (the best place to learn cuss words), i'll make it simple - Chutiya would relate closest to the Western abuse 'Pussy', Gaandu would translate, well sort of anyway into 'Asshole'. Anyway, as I've said this is a relatively family safe blog and you know I do't want to become like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.
Anyway, someone told me that I haven't been posting a lot of links lately, well here are some interesting things I picked up from the internet lately. And it IS a Friday, so I will post again.
Womens Pro Wrestling in Bolivia. Weird!
Mutant Fish!
New Bomb!
Sausage Rugs (taste bad!)
anyway more later, I have to work.


shyam said...

Yeah, tell me about having a renewed and prolonged rendezvous with booze these days, strangely, whenever I decide to detox and clean up a bit, that is when I fall ill and a hardcore dose of partying sets everything right. Fugall weird man.

The strange thing about chutiya and gaandu is that I was never one for spewing out gaalis like that, but it became sort of weird after almost every close female friend of mine would have no issues in screaming either of that out loud, in public. Now I've reconciled to being branded a Dillywalla and have no qualms about using either, I've noticed I honk and swear like them D people on the roads too these days. If you can't win 'em, join 'em I guess.

Anyway, all the best for the Bombay jig and as long as you get the sea view even a pigeon hole in Bandra should not be too bad and pity we could not have split a pitcher somewhere along this short blog road, but hell, I guess there is always a time and place for that later!

P.S: Making out in TGIF? That is a sort of first I've heard!

rums said...

you must be seriously stressed or just plain dumb to even think that git is anybody's literary idol.
something tells me you wanted me to vent some more spleen on this. but this will have to do for now!