Thursday, July 28, 2005

News, news, news, read wonderful news.

For days on end journalists invent stories trying desperately to fill airtime or newsprint. We invent stories, call up some people, feed them quotes (which is easier to do than you believe) and put the story out. All in a regular days work. Well, I've done that, however lazier journalists never leave the office invent quotes out of thin air (print) call up friends (TV) put together a couple of Google searches, pull a entry from Wikipedia and voila - instant news.
However, the last 72 hours have been dramatic to say the least. First, evil communists determined to lay waste to India's new industrial heartland tried to attack the Haryana cops. Thankfully, bleeding heart liberal TV media (Oh my God, police brutality! Surprising that the Indian Express was the most balanced of all the newspapers, surprising given its usual pro-NHRC stand, realised that this incident was the fault of crazies like Gurudas Dasgupta - today he is trying to destroy the call centre industry by organising chakka jams- seriously this man should be put in a mental institute) had to start concentrating on Bombay once they realised that their colleagues were stuck at Mahim Causeway (if lucky) or walking 20 plus kilometers. Then yesterday, a shaken Mani Shankar Aiyar (who as you remember was last selling his ass to Lakshmi Mittal) announced that a platform on Bombay High was well sky-high! You couldn't get more news if you prayed for it, but TV newspersons are screwed because there is no way of getting back-up into Bombay. Well, there is now, but you still have to be mad to get into Bombay. I'm staying in dry Delhi (where the view from office is spectacular today) till Sunday.

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