Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Gossip or not?

Given that I have been out of circulation for half a week and a whole weekend, the news of the Bombay cocaine raid came as a surprise to me. Not so surprising was the fact that Bennet made no mention of it in their newspapers. Given that Jain and Jain own some amount of Provogue, its not surprising really, and it was brought up by a friend (rather not so much a friend than a contact in PR). This also means that several friends in Bombay must be lying really really low and Coca prices are beating the sensex of late, this 'raid' would be making someone very rich. Wonder who didn't make what payment where?
More interestingly, I recently added a Statcounter at the base of page (scroll all the way down and you'll notice a small number, and those have been achieved since the 28th of June - people really visit this site and since I was in Cal and without access to a comp, I couldn't pump up the numbers artificially, a la Enron). This service allows me to check what sort of search brought people into the site, then going through the posts they landed at. On their request, one post has been edited. However, someone last night was desperately searching the following on Google "LN Mittal with Mallika Sherawat" and they kept landing at this blog because I happened to mention Mallika Sherawat and Sunil Mittal in the same post (no sexual insinuation at all). Am I really missing something here?

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