Monday, July 18, 2005

The last week of work in Delhi begins.

Self-explanatory title, at the end of this week I pack my bags and head for the city where film actresses mastrubate on the floor, where the underworld rules everything and where millions of Delhi-ites go to fulfill their rather escoteric dreams. As for me, I have no dreams, just a desire to learn something about how India's financial sector works. So, not that this week is going to be any different for any week before, but after four years of covering the corporate world in Delhi, I know that I'll miss this city. Heck, I'll miss the eye-candy that PR chicks provided after a bad day of work, but then again, I'm going to Bombay where there is eye-candy galore, sorry to be sexist here, but at least I'm being honest.
Anyway, I was reading The Economic Times today morning, because I must, not because I particularly enjoy it and noticed a strange article in Page 3, where Lalu Yadav, that lovable old buffon/idiotic hate mongerer says something to the effect that Salman Khan and Siwan MP Shahabuddin are being persecuted because they are members of the 'minority' community. Thanks to the weirdness of Indiatimes, I can't find the link, and nor do I have time to do all that. OK, firstly, before people accuse me of being communal, I'll just state this much, this statement is as similar to Mayawati saying that she was being prosecuted for almost selling the Taj because she was a lower caste. So therefore according to Laloo, womanising, threatening and killing is fine because these two individuals were of a particular community. Vote-bank politics? I guess so, but people like Laloo who please the liberal elements of the media (Read : Famous womanising son of famous Indian cricketer who is about to start own news channel) by his buffonery are dangerous elements. Can you imagine what would have happened to India had the man been running the country? The thought is frightening. Imagine the population boom. (Must let go of mental projection of Laloo and Rabri copulating, ugh!)
Talking about sex, I saw the first episode of 'Desperate Housewives' yesterday. It was a pretty good, though slightly 'gay' show. And Eva Longoria is HOT. Expect Zee to copy the show in three months with women wearing elaborate bindi's - the sluttier the woman the more the eye-shadow. Given that I don't watch desi-serials, I don't know that much so forgive my ignorance.
On another note, tax-skipping bastards tobacco molopolistic company ITC have today increased the price of a packet of Classic Milds to Rs 65. Even though, this means that a packet of decent Indian cigarettes costs only US$1.50, nothing like the $6.50 I paid for a pack of Camel's in Boston (lets not get to the depressing prices in Manhattan, but you hardly smoke on the island anyway), the price hike has left me depressed. The bastards!
The Guardian is running a contest wherein people write out Dumbledore's death in the style of another writer. Thanks Colin!
On a final note - lets go back to the Ash-Salman-Preity controversy, because that is a sure way of entertaining readers - and unlike TV Channels we can use terms like 'mastrubate' 'fuck' etc etc. Aishwariya Rai, who has screwed everybody in Bollywood according to Pocket Hercules breaks her silence.
"I cannot comment on any of the content in the tape or the ensuing debates and discussions on them. The matter has been taken over by the law. Let the legal system take its course. I've nothing to say about an association that ended a long time ago."
In another language - Salman is guilty as hell and I want to see him inside a jail (she never said that, but you get the picture). Of course, if Laloo has his way, that will never happen.

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