Friday, April 09, 2010


My Executive Editor mentioned the blog in the edit meeting in a nice way and over the past few days I have received quite a few calls asking me why I stopped writing. Frankly, no reasons, I just needed a break from writing the blog. I honestly believe that sometimes maintaining the blog is more trouble than it is worth, I mean I'm not exactly raking in megadollars in advertising revenues am I? Despite being pretty much in a space of one. I don't post idiotic, rambling posts on foreign policy. Plus, I have been travelling a bit, went to Munich and followed that up by a short trip to Barcelona; and did a quick hop to Benaras here, driving back in Dad's new car through Mayastan. Well, no excuses really for not blogging but frankly I got a bit bored and as I said, the trouble this causes is really not worth the headache most of the time. After all, I'm not an 'independent' commentator, I'm a fairly well-known middle-ranking print journalist, and sometimes I feel that the blog gives me a sense of notoriety that feels bizarre frankly.
I don't know if I will start blogging full-time on this blog anytime soon, I might or might not, depends on what I feel like doing. Don't get me wrong, I love the concept of blogging and the internet. Doing this has really helped me improve as a writer, but I do have a very large workload nowadays and combining work and the fact that I am travelling a fair bit (here and there, driving around all over the place) doesn't leave me much time to do this as frequently as I would like and as I said earlier, there is no compelling financial motivation for me to do so. I still believe that the internet will transform journalism in India as it has in the West, and having run this blog for over six years will hold me in good stead, but the real me has moved beyond K.
So there might just be the occasional post here once in a while, but most other things will move to a variety of platforms. For those of you who know me (or who I am), follow the Twitter feed, I promise to keep that interesting. Take care and I'm not going anywhere just that I won't be here as often as I was.