Thursday, July 14, 2005

Swift Test

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I had promised a few days agao to give a non-biased (versus auto magazines who suck manufacturers balls for a living) review of the Swift. Lets start, this car looks sweet. You might say that the cars looks have been inspired by the new Mini, but it is a good looking car, the concept of the 'floating roof' (because of the blacked out A and B pillars) is a nice concept. The ZXi has a very good looking seven spoke alloy wheels to boot, with the wide-profile 185/70R14 JK Vectra tubeless rubber that this car rides on, well this specification level anyway, rides on, the entire package looks incredibly poised. It may not be sleek, but it feels like one of those windup toys, release it and it would storm away. Which it does, but that we'll come to later. Now, where this car really wins out on the competition is the interiors. Yes, rear legroom is sucky compared to the Getz and Indica, but the Getz and Indica don't even look half as good (the latter doesn't even look a tenth as good honestly), and really you wouldn't want to sit at the rear of this car. This is the most fun car to come to India since the old Honda City 1.5 VTEC.
Ah, now the favourite issue with Indians - fuel economy. Now, I know that one particular auto magazine alters fuel economy results for money and all magazines give 'city' fuel economy figures based on Bombay driving. In Delhi, the car performed decently well, I estimated around 11-12 (with the AC on) and I was driving pretty rough (using a gear higher than needed) for better performance. If you drive well enough, you should be able to get around 13 on this car in Delhi. In Bangalore, you'll finish your feal tank while waiting in traffic.
That said, the Getz is a nice car too. Its got more space, maybe even better interior fabrics. But for gods sake, the Swift performs like a bitch on heat when you put the pedal to the metal. You'll hit 100 while on second gear, and the road runs out with alarming speed with the Swift. And honestly, its name doesn't sound silly.
The only thing against the Swift is the current eight-ten week waiting period for the car. But, don't let that deter you, this is one killer car. It is as Jaggu Khattar told me, "The new Zen." It is THAT good.
PS : Loved HT's story of Ash and Sallu today. Now know why the vixen broke up with shorty, and what a way to launch in Bombay. Brilliant. Best of luck to my former employers!

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