Friday, July 29, 2005

Identity Krisis

There are two people writing here. The regular writer likes to be referred to as a single alphabet. The recently resurgent writer has an entire name.

But, there are similarities. We are both Indian male journalists with some Bengali blood. And neither of us is terribly proud about that last bit. Oh yes, K used to work for the HT and in another 55 hours or so, I will be able to say the same.

The number of hits in the last 24 hours aren't surprising. Run down K and you have hits galore. I suggest that as a recipe for the comments as well ... make that komments.

Though, to be frank, this whole K thing is a little freaky. The only other person who loves this alphabet as much is Ekta Kapoor of Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi fame. The fact that we are continuously using the letter K in our posts -- and the attendant success -- makes me believe that all the jokes I have cracked about her having a kildo instead of a dildo may have been in bad taste. In fact, may be this whole K-as-a-the-perfect-starting-letter thing isn't all bad.

So, is it time for me to eat krow and start each article with the letter K? Is it time for me to give only K headlines? Or in the case of TV, is it time for me to only work with channels and on shows that also have names beginning with the letter K?

When I was in primary school, the kid next to me could never prounouce the word question -- he would always go koo-sh-chun. He's a multi-millionaire now. He has two houses in Jaipur, a fleet of cars, a flat in New York and offices in a dozen countries. And none of it because of his dad. Before any of the women here ask for his name, address, phone number, email and vital statistics, let me quickly add he just got married to a girl he's known since he was 15. And no, he's not the kind who likes a little spice on the side.

And though he did have his problems with calling a question a question, he didn't really use K in any other part of his life. His profession begins with a J -- no, he's not a journalist; his name begins with a G -- no, he's not a Gandu; and the letter K doesn't pop up anywhere in his company's name either.

So Ekta Kapoor really does have a thing for kildo's and our K just might be what she ordered. And he is going to Bombay.

'Nuff said.


K said...

ugh, why Ekta Kapoor can't you wish someone else on me.

memorykeeper said...

Besides Ekta, there is another popular celebrity (are all celebrities popular? are they celebrities because they are popular? I digress!)who has a keen leaning on the letter 'K'.

Karan Johar - there you go, already a 'K'.

The maker of hit films, with their titles starting with 'K'. KKHT, K3G, KHNH, Kaal (though why would this be in the list of hits, I don't know!)

And coincidently the 'analogy' of the Kildo would ring true for Karan also. Open knowledge as to how he swings!

K said...

OK Snakey you're still here.. we need a Dilliwallah to write on comings and goings at Rajdeep's channel. What up at EchTee?