Thursday, July 14, 2005

Thursday evening linx...

Well, its been a rather boring Thursday and I have twiddling thumbs and writing like a madman about things I have no interest in. However, I love being a journalist and that too in print. If only the salaries were better.
Anyways, here are nice entertaining Thursday evening linx to keep everybody happy!
Seldomly asked questions about Japan - and you discover that they are weirder than you can possibly imagine!
Curious? Then go to
Noooooooo, damn!
OK, this is not safe for work because of the banner ads, but my god Britney Spears has become a fugly!

Someone scans Flickr for the babes, god knows how many are stolen from other websites, but some are really sweet - again, not safe for work and it takes forever to load.
Not for the squeamish!
How beer might help you kick the smoking habit!
Awesome! I want one too!

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livinghigh said...

and a happy thursday to u, too! ;-)