Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Bombay cancelled.. temporarily.

The airport in Delhi is a mess, with people desperate to go to Bombay (especially the Air Deccan, SpiceJet sods, whose refunds will get them nowhere - and better still they get shafted when they cancel their return tickets also.) There is not much that people can do, both single and double daddy are in Bombay (and stuck). Dad who had gone to interview a Bolywood Star spent six hours to get from Lower Parel to Taj Lands End. The scene is really bad in India's commercial hub. I'll go back to work in Delhi tomorrow, it makes no sense to travel before Sunday. Anyway, I've been surfing the web today, and I've got some really funny links.
Cocaine Search?
International Gorillay, a classic 1990 Lollywood movie about Salman Rushdie. See the clip it is hila-fucking-larious!
This picture comes from a great collection of labels that were used as labels on bags of marijuana. I wish someonme made pudiya's with these instead of using old newspapers. Pretty funny and great art.
Lots of nice Macromedia Shockwave shorts.
Japanese Condom Art!!!!
The legend of Ninja Jesus
The world stupidity awards!
This is a great BBC short film of a woman holding up a sperm bank.
More later!

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