Saturday, April 30, 2005

New wheels

The kindly folks at Toyota India have given me a Camry Automatic for the weekend. Now ordinarily, you would say "Great, and you're such a lucky friggin' bastard." But, wait a sec. Big car = big fucking trouble on Delhi roads. Y'see ever since my life entered the AD (After Debt) era I have begun to love the little Alto. For one very very important and gargantuan reason. It's small. Small and cute and perfect for moi. And compared to a Camry it is positively miniscule. Also the Alto is a hatchback, you don't have to worry about a huge ugly posterior sticking out. The worst thing about a huge car is the diagonal measure you have to always remember when reversing out of parking.

That said, this is a really nice car. Driving it in mid-morning traffic is a pain in the behind, but once you manage to find an open stretch of road, a softish tap on the accelerator and -v-r-o-o-m- you take off. Today from under the Chirag Delhi flyover, I was at the head of the traffic and when the light turned, I floored. The next thing I knew I was past 120, OK so for 10-12 seconds I was trying to figure out how the heck things started moving so fast. At 12 in the morning. It was fast.
So at night when I mange to find some nice open roads, I will gun this baby. Friendgirl may not like this, but she will be scared tonight. Very scared.

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