Saturday, April 23, 2005

Blogito Ergo Sum

‘Cogito Ergo Sum’, that is what was written outside the door of W-21 (if I remember correctly), Mukerji West, St Stephen’s College, which was inhabited by AdSin in my second and third years in that place. Which incidentally is throwing a huge 125th birthday bash. All I can say to that is Ad Dei Gloriam. But, what that statement by Virgil sometime two millennia ago means is – “I think therefore I am.” Of late I’ve been wondering if I’ve been doing enough of that.

Y’see some of the lack of thinking comes down to ‘monumental decision’ that was taken. Now Chuddi Buddy V believes that I didn’t think through hard enough, and that I should have really debated the importance of the relationship I have with FriendGirl and all that, because ‘monumental decision’ will kind of consign my relationship to the altar of history. Now I did have arguments about that, saying that FriendGirl knew why I was deciding to build new monument and that she was not taking a decision about her life, other than wanting the stuffed toy fishy (what was Nemo’s dad called?) she gave me when I bought my car.

But, CBV (it’s easier to spell) thought that I didn’t think enough and just made up my mind because I wanted to run away. Well, really the decision was driven by Bossman Two not giving me too much time, but the best decision are not pondered over I believe, because you’ll find enough reasons to think of the reasons not wanting to change the status quo, but in this case changing the status quo is the best way of changing my career status.

I’ll keep on blogging though. It’s a lot more fun that thinking too much. Thinking too much can be quite a bummer at times. Particularly on hallucinogenic substances.

But when Naren came down, the discussion moved towards mangoes (and Naren agreed with my contention about the absurdity of taking mangoes to Can-pore) and melons. Very nice they are, especially in summer. I love mangoes, but Naren has an unhealthy affair with them, extremely unhealthy. Eating 20 mangoes in one sitting is unhealthy, no matter what you say.

We ate dinner in this hole in the wall called ‘South Café’ behind Yusuf Sarai. I discovered this place while watching the Trade Towers in Manhattan coming down (it is a huge hole, I saw it last year when I was rendering my part in Lost in Manhattan) thanks to A-man, but that is another story. We ate Beef Fry, Beef Masala, Appams and Kerala Parathas. Heaven, and we were stuffed and the three of us ate for just Rs 112. Which is less than the cost of a bottle of beer in ANY decent Delhi pub. Great food and a great price.

Just started Vernon God Little, lets see how the book turns out. Don’t know what tonight’s plans are, but I will go to the gym and I guess I’ll catch up with Shades in DefCol after that. Let’s see.

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