Monday, April 18, 2005

Killer movie...

I saw a killer movie last night. Its name in Chinese is
Ying Xiong, which we all know as 'The Hero'. This makes 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon' - actually Wu Hu Can Long in Chinese, look bad. Also, Jet Li proves why he is so good as a martial artist, even though this movie must have used a lot of piano wire. And it has Zhang Zi-Yi, who is very very hot, and who proves that even good-looking women can do action roles, by that I mean full-on fight sequences.
The fight sequence between Zhang Zi-Yi and Maggie Cheung in the forest is the most beautiful interplay of colour that I have seen in a long time. And the lake fight between Jet Li and Tony Leung is at the same time the most picturesque scene in the movie as well as the one-on-one swordsplay sequence I have ever seen on screen. The flashback methods used by director Zimou Zhang are obviously inspired by Kurosawa's Rashomon. And the palace scenes and large army fight scenes are inspired by (not 'copied' in the Bollywoodian sense) scenes from Ran.
But, the use of colour is amazing. This is a colour movie in the full sense of the word. I have no idea why the movie halls did not bring it to India. I mean watching this on a 21-inch TV was a travesty. I would love to watch this movie on a big screen, in the same subtitled Chinese version, dubbing would have ruined the feel. Really, watch it once, watch it twice, but watch it on a good TV.
By the way, saw Mush's breakfast 2005 meeting. Dad actually asked a great question like in 2001 again, but what surprised me was the number of non-editor editors at the meeting. Anyway I'll post again later, once I get work out of the way.

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