Friday, April 08, 2005

Tired as a dog.

Am not feeling really good, maybe its the work. maybe going to the gym after a four hour car ride back may not have been the smartest idea under the sun, and talking of sun, it is bloody hot out there. I think i'll skip the gym today, and don't make me feel guilty about it, today is the first day I am skipping since I joined. I'll go for a long walk or something. Plus, I'll be drinking like a fish tonight. But, on second thoughts I still might go to the gym. Lets see.
Anyway, I've had a 'orrible day, went out to the Bang and Olufsen showroom, some story my boss wanted me to do. Actually, he also wanted to find out prices. Well, the cheapest thing in there, a MP3, a flash-based MP3 player at that, costs Rs 45,000. I admit it looks cool, but man, 45k for a MP3 player? I mean, I think the iPod is overpriced at Rs 15-20k. Then there was this single unit CD player cum Radio with speakers built, damn sweet looking and awesome sound, but the price was astonishing Rs 75k. And the really cool looking home systems start at Rs 4 lakh. And then there are the speakers, saw these wonderful cone speakers with a 180-degree sound throw, for Rs 4 lakh per unit.

The pictured system costs around Rs 7 lakh, and yes it looks like a bomb and the CD spindle moves from disc to disc and it is really very super-duper-ly high-tech but even if it comes with free installation and a two year warranty it is way expensive. I can buy a Honda City with that kind of money. But I guess the people who buy this sort of stuff are S-Class and Audi A8 type people.
In case you have that kind of moolah, their website is here. And their store is next to Moti Mahal Deluxe in the Malcha Marg market, Chanakya Puri. Location, location, location, doesn't seem to apply here.
Then tomorrow, which is supposedly a holiday, I have to meet two people who have come for the World Travel and Tourism Conference here. Some guy from Space Adventures, the company which has put people up into the International Space Station. Costs a bomb (buyers I guess are B&O owners), but they did put Dennis Tito into space. And then I have to meet people from Carlson Hotels. On Monday I have to wake up at 6.30 in the morning to meet someone from Lonely Planet and then at 6.30 in the evening I have to catch a flight to Chennai to do a story.
I don't have a life, and if people tell me, "Oh but you're travelling so much." I'll tell them, big fucking deal, I want to stay home for a few days and just relax. But I have to earn my living, so what the hell can I do.
Chalo then, I should go home and I have to go to the Pandey party along with Tigerman. Should be fun though.


rums said...

looks like poor little mamma's boy is feeling very whiny and tired. it's all that fat and sugar in your system. and go slow on those pegs kiddo or you will never lose all that stuff you have built around your body!

rums said...

ok next time i'll try not to be preachy right??