Friday, April 29, 2005

Heck, just linx.

Now that I am suitably depressed about being paid jackshit, being in credit card debt thanks to Friendgirl's expensive tastes. Somewhat expensive tastes. Like weird necklaces. Plus, you ever noticed how the white lines on the road look like tracer bullets being swallowed up under your car. Especially at night when you're pushing your Alto to speeds it really wasn't designed for. Cool.
Anyway, I have now resolved that I will earn more and I will drive bigger car than Dad does today in five years time. Maybe, but would I want a elephantine car. Maybe not. Anyway, since I worked like a pig last time round, this time things are a bit easier. So I've been surfing all over again.
Date this guys sister
. Really now, maybe a hoax, but you never know. She could also end up looking like - FAT.
I read this really interesting article in the NYT about how Manhattan's power mad, money hungry men unwind. They go skinny dipping.
Guess what, if this law passes in the US, or was in force in the US I would have been in Guantanamo for passing a J. No seriously, I did some not so legal things while stateside, but it was New York and Boston after all. Wonder what they'll do once they discover that their kids also smokie uppie.
This is a pretty cool one, it is the Museum of Retro Technology.
Man, I remember these so well, its not funny. I hink I might have some lying about.
And since we are on a retro kick, why not check these styles out.
And if you want to really read intellectual pRon, maybe its not pRon litt, god knows what it is. But Brilliant stuff none the the less.
And the Prez of the United States of America, Afghanistan and I-rack got sent into a nuclear bunker because of a ... wait for it ... CLOUD!
While typing this out I got a job offer, how cool is that. Am I leaving just yet, well, monument buolding has started, so I doubt it. But, heck as the saying goes "It's all about the money, honey."

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