Friday, April 29, 2005

Traffic and Property

Rums pointed out that I have no clue whatsoever on the Mumbai property bazaar. After which I did some homework and have to concede that she was totally bang-on. One and a half big biggies will barely you a slum in Kurla. Bang under the flightpath too. Well, not exactly, but we are talking an decent apartment in those fancy new high-rises at Andheri here. Not like anywhere close to town side.
Talking about Kurla, whenever you fly into Bombay and have a window seat don't you feel that you're going to end up banging into someone's kitchen. I mean, the slums are so close to the airfield that you sometimes can see people doing their daily deeds very very clearly. And trust me, from a plane that is a freaky sight. Not that it is much better when you fly into Chennai and Kolkata, but in Bombay since the runway starts where the slums end, it would end up giving Joe Whiteman or Ching East Asian a very 'nice' first impression of India. But still, most of Kurla is in a better shape than CST International Airport.
Now Gurgaon is a booming property market today. Like BOOM-ing, BOOM-BOOM-ing, you get the picture and though I doubt people would be buying apartments for two big biggies just yet, I heard some new DLF and Unitech apartments are going for at least Rs 10,000,000. That my friends is 20,000 baldies.
Very nice, so some people are getting very fucking rich. However, with Gurgaon traffic the way it is, these prices are either someone blowing a very large bubble or a really bad joke. I know the highway is being worked on, for the last whatever number of years, but it isn't close to getting finished, call centre Qualis' drive like freaking maniacs and then you have this intensely assholic behaviour of people insisting on fighting on the road. Even if what they have got is barely a scratch.
It took me two hours to get from Manesar back home. Two freaking hours. In a non-aircon vehicle in the dust of fucking Gurgaon. Man, call me spoiled and write that you never had air-con when you were little. Seriously nor did I. I don't need aircon at night all the time. But climate and dust control in traffic is a must. I'm a spoiled South Delhi brat, but I have no reason to apoligise for that.
Thats why I am sitting in a room controlled at 24 degrees and writing this. Anyway, I just hated traffic today. No rage would be a better term. Seriously, Gurgaon is getting as bad as Bangalore. And that is bad.

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