Thursday, April 14, 2005

No phone still and The Thimes of India

Friendgirl is mad at me. Again. God knows what it is now, but I supposedly pissed her off. Again. Anyway, this means that I am still without a telephone handset and happily not mobile. I lost all my contacts, which is a bummer, but not being reachable has its advantages also, like not being reachable - by mom, friendgirl, bosses, PR people (thank god for small mercies).
Anyway, now that I have managed to live down the fact that I lost my phone and still haven't activated a new mobile number I'll move on to other things. I spent a good part of Tuesday in Chennai, well all of Tuesday. And I was puzzled by the weird way the Nads spell everything. They have a mad obssession with 'Th', like SwaTHi, AarTHi, NiTHya, MaruTHi, you get my drift. Anyway, therefore I suggested to people I know, why not call the proposed ToI edition in Chennai be called 'The Thimes of India' like anyone will notice anyway.
Anyway, Bossman told me of amazing gossip today, and I will have discreetly confirm its truness or not. But, my god the two people involved move around a lot, and even though gut feel says that this is likely a Platonic affair, one never knows.
Also, I think sooner or later there will have to be a poll on who is a bigger megalomaniac - Mani Aiyar or Praful Patel. Since I cover the aviation beat, I'll plump for the latter, but friends and colleagues in the petroleum beat say that Aiyar is a attention seeking madman. But, I got to hand it to the man for not having increased petrol prices as yet, at the rate fuel prices are going up, I will have to contemplate another career with a lot more money. As do almost all the foot soldiers I work with. This job of being a ethically upright journalist is increasingly difficult, particularly if you have a very hungry mouth to feed. Admittedly my Alto is very nice on the drinking side of things, but if Petrol hits Rs 45 a litre, I'm screwed. I have a daily commute of at least 40km, without the occasional trips I have to make every day, and these prices will ruin me financially.
More later, I just thought I'ld post for the time being.

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