Sunday, April 24, 2005

Reset the membrane

I think my cloistered south Delhi existence with St Columba’s School and St Stephen’s College needs a bit of a shake-up, which is why I decided to build new monument. In doing so, I have no clue how I’ll end up – I could manage to become a totally psychotic deranged individual or could actually become a nicer, better and more hard working person.

This will mean major changes to the blog. So watch this space.

I was logically working out why human beings have been such a successful species – I think it is not because we can communicate with each other (I still don’t understand women, and the same goes for almost all straight men) or because we can think (ask people to choose one flavour of ice cream out of 30 and they’ll take an hour) but because we invented the system of economic remuneration. Money is why we are successful.

The other day, when I was attending the Doors of Perception summit, I was hearing Professor Magrit Kennedy who made a presentation arguing that the very concept of money that we have in this world is flawed. Now I was never a student of economics and I guess someone who studied economics can understand this better, but I would rewally suggest that you read her presentation.

Sometimes Blogger getts on my nerves - try typing out something on MS-Word and transferring it using the age-old 'Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V' method and fonts go for an absolute toss. I hear Yahoo and MSN are also getting into this free blog movement. Well, Yahoo's product might be bearable, but MSN? I mean these folks totally screwed up Hotmail, not saying that the Indian media in particular gave Sabeer Bhatia ujndue attention almost marrying him off to Aishwarya (I so wanted Salman Khan to beat the living daylights out of this guy) and now he is promoting something which I am told is 'stolen' and really nothing unique.

Talking about the Indian media - lets please look at F1, Narain Karthikeyan. Yes, he is a decent driver - but he is an ugly mofo. Dude, F1 drivers are all good looking - look at Alonso, Schumi, Alesi, Button and then look at Narain. Its like having a bad 'what the fuck' moments. And he is driving a Jordan, for which, if you buy Bharat Petroleum products are paying for. He can at best expect a top ten, Narain isn't as bad as Alex Yoong, but honestly that ain't saying much. And about all those places - Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata that want to host a F1 race - one those state governments won't what hit them when they meet Bernie Eccelstone - who is the most shrewd businessman on the planet - so much so that The Economist ran a cover on convoluted F1 finances and for gods sake - before building any F1 circuits lets build a few decent regular circuits where I can take say a old Honda City VTEC or a overtuned Esteem or Ikon for a bit of a banging time. But noooooo.....

And what do the great hallowed papers like ToI and HT do? P1 flyer when he finishes 17th at Albert Park. Seriously eye-poppingly in-fucking-sane. Its just like the time when Major Rathore won the silver at Athens. Yeah, dude, lets overhype everything. No-one, save a couple of edits here and there questioned the fact that we one sixths of the world's population, who are really quite inconsequential (other than when we threaten to blow up a particular Western neighbour, with an equally inconsequential 250 million people) can't win more than one medal. One medal, one billion people, Australia won some 70-80 medals and they have a population the size of Delhi.

Sometimes India worries me. Big time.


rums said...

while it's true we tend to over hype no-so-siginificant achievements, i would like to disagree with you on the point that schumi is nice looking. remember white skin does not equal good looks.
and don't rush into worrying about india at such a young age, begin by worrying about yourself and your career and then after you feel you have achieved something then get down to worrying about india and such things!

rums said...

preacher rums strikes back!!

K said...

well... I heard once that being born Italian and Male is to win the lottery of life. Sobs!
Therefore there is always wild card option with career - become a politician - rather me than Laloo's kid, eh?

rums said...

hah! what makes you think you are better than the harrylets?
but it's not a bad career option, i must say, except that your nightmare about your dad cutting you out of his will might just come true, as you'll definitely end up stepping on his toes. you will be a far brighter politician than your dad, not because he is dumb or anything, just that you are better exposed and he is way too old and set in his ways to be as progressive as you.
and i was trying to imagine you as an italian, what can i say...thanks for the good laugh on a monday morning!!!

K said...