Friday, April 15, 2005


I supposedly have to travel to Jamshedpur next week on work now. This Frequent flyer mile collection is nice, but is taking a toll. In Goa I lost my shaving kit, Chennai I lost my mobile phone, and in Bangalore, well, pride might be a good starting point. And that is in the past two months alone.
Of course, this resurgence of travel obviously makes me a more contented employee, after all I like nothing more than racking up Frequent Flyer miles. But flying is becoming a chore, and becoming a longer chore at that. Arriving in Delhi nowadays involves at least a half an hour flypast of the Aravalis, while waiting to land. A friend recently spent three hours for a Mumbai Delhi flight. That is double the regular flight time.
That said, I now have travelled quite a fair bit in the four years since I started journalism. I mean even the trip to the US last year was an indirect result of journalism. Lets see...
International :-
Frankfurt, Wolfsburg, Berlin
Hong Kong
Atlanta, New York, Boston, Paris, Rome, Amalfi Coast
Internal travels are maddening, and I will try to remember each trip
Domestic :-
Jaipur (x2)
Pune (x2)
Mumbai (lost count)
Bangalore (lost count)
Hyderabad (lost count)
Chennai (x3)
Goa (x4)
etc etc etc.... And this doesn't include the annual Calcutta trips for family reasons.
Hmm, I have travelled one hell of a lot. Well, can't say I don't like it, but if only Praful managed to do something about the airports and air traffic travelling would be a lot better.
My left hand is hurting like mad. Weight training doesn't seem to be a great idea, but I will persist.
Cheerio for now.


rums said...

kiddo if your arm's hurting, you are doing it wrong. i suggest you consult a good trainer and do appropriate stretching exercises after each set.
also don't just jump into weight training, it'll not help, go for cardio, ie, running, cross training and cycling. that's a more intelligent and also safer way to begin training.
go easy for a week and don't persist with the arm, let it be, or you might end up with a nasty permanent injury.
remember it took you a long time to look the way you do now, so it'll take that much more time to undo the whole thing.

rums said...

oh and you better pull yourself together. you sound like an irresponsible mama's boy who doesn't know his arse from his elbow and it ain't cool! take it from me, that's a huge turn-off for any girl with even an iota of sense.
that's all for now from preacher rums!