Sunday, April 10, 2005

Sleep wonderful sleep

I have spent most of the day sleeping. After a long time my slumber has not been interrupted by either of my four parents, friendgirl or my assorted friends. That I think is because I left my phone in the other room. The internet is just spilling over with spoilers for various movies right now.
Spoilers are like those bastards who (and they should all be lined up and shot - China style) who said Bruce Willis was the ghost in 'The Sixth Sense', not that I cared but none the less. Anyway, the main thing now is how Anakin Skywalker looks after he falls into the lava (y'know before he becomes the evil Darth Vader). The link is here.
Anyway, the papers today are full of Indi-Chini bhai-bhai. Which is very boring reading, because the best work (at least most readable) was done by 'The Economist' in their survey of India and China. But, I think I ranted on this a few days ago, so I won't start now.
I cooked yesterday after months, basically pasta in cheese sauce, and the sauce was a tad too milky, but I guess it was from months of not going to the kitchen that I had lost all sense of measure. Friendgirl as usual went mad (it was her milk and kitchen that got messed up). Still, even FG admitted that it came out OK enough.
However, this Disposophobia thing is something too many people suffer from, and the services offered here are great. This is a business plan for someone here.

I am planning on going to the Sundarbans later this year. I haven't yet read 'The Hungry Tide' by Amitav Ghosh, I guess I'll make that plane reading tomorrow and day-after. I've been to the Sundarbans before, and it is beautiful. But that was with Mom and Brotherman, and all we saw was a huge salt water Croc. Must've been at least eight-ten feet long, I've never seen a croc that big. However, since I plan to go with Birdman/Tigerman, I should see at least one big cat. I plan to learn to use the camera a bit better, get some good lenses and go there. Lets see what happens - I make a lot of these vplans, but I really want to go.
Tomorrow morning meeting very early. Should get to sleep again.

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