Saturday, April 09, 2005

Saturday and $20,000,000

I just met a guy by the name of Eric Anderson. His claim to fame is that he runs a company called Space Adventures and these were the guys who sent the first privateer into space, American businessman Dennis Tito.

Now they also have a lot of different rides including riding at Mach 3 in a MiG-25 which costs a few thousand US dollars, but the real deal - the 10-day orbital tour of earth in the International Space Station costs a nice sum, now you know the reason for the title. 20 million US is a shit load of moolah, and even though it includes six months of training and all that, this has to be one of the most expensive tour package in the world. Return travel to space in a Soyuz rocket that will blast off from Baikonur and food included, though.

New colleague is being a bit difficult, yesterday the girls tried to make him open up, but the guy is really guarded. He has spent far too long in a daily as a reporter. And he is still in honeymoon period it seems, with bosses but unless his writing improves, the honeymoon might not last much longer. And he has just gotta open up, and maybe also get laid. But, I shouldn't be bitchy here.
Last night, I had a great time at the party. Met lots of interesting wildlife folks. Arjun P and Gautam P are winning awards for their filmmaking, and the former manages to win some nice girls as well. And I also more or less managed to stick to limit of beers that I had set, just went one over, I had four. But, I didn't eat too much. Got a very strange phone call last night from some woman who desperately wanted to meet me, starnge women don't usually call at 11.40 at night. I knew this was a bad set-up, I most probably even know the culprit, in fact I am 99.999% sure who planned this one, and that bitch is going to get something back, but not yet. And anyway, it is rather sad that a 25-year old girl who pretends to be in Delhi's snob-circle had nothing to do on a Friday night. Bitch.
What is wrong with me today? I'm being particularly vicous, maybe it is because I am sitting in office on a Saturday when I should not be. I should be home downloading porn, music or movies. Long live P2P downloading.
Anyway, I came across this really interesting website, mainly because I'm in office between meetings and using the inetrnet to discover weird and wonderful things. Advanced Male Mastrubation Techniques - Seems interesting, and I might try some whenever Friendgirl goes into her monthly madness spells.

Zhou Hai's website showcases the effects of industrialisation in mainland China, even though the name - The Unbearable Heaviness of Industry is a tad melodramatic. These images make for a stark contrast from the China that I have seen. Well, I did only go to Shanghai, but that city is full of glitzy new malls and hotels and gleaming towers, and it also has its fair share of mad architecture like Gurgaon.
Anyway, I have another meeting to run for, and then I have to rush to the gym for some hardcore exercising today. And I hope the rest of the weekend goes smoothly.

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