Friday, April 29, 2005


Print media salaries are hitting the roof. Pradeep Guha and Subhash Chandra along with the Bhaskar guys are trying to poach more people from Jain and Jain Company Limited. I mean Ayaz is just a lackey, they want to leave Times headless. Therefore, a certain individual I will only identify as JJ has been offered something close to Rs 2.5 crore. That my friends is 25 million, plus DNA (which is the name of the paper) will buy said individual a house for 1.5 crore, which is a shitload even by Mumbai's sky-high standards. Also, said individuals childrens education (abroad if need be) will be covered.
This people is corporate level salaries. This will move said journalist, this man is editorial into big league of salary earners, even maybe onto that stupid list FE makes every year.
Said persons number two and number two's right hand man have also been offered stupendous packages. All wavering, because this money is big. Real big. Bada J is scared. Pradeep Guha is getting back at him.


rums said...

no 1.5 crore is not a big amount in b'bay, it's a lot by delhi standards. my friend's father recently bought a 2 bedroom apartment in juhu for 2 crore and he is not really a big dude. you are really clueless about b'bay!!!

K said...

oh, its that bad there eh! But buying him a house to keep even if he quits a year down the line ain't bad.