Monday, April 11, 2005

Quick post...

Went to Coronation Memorial and Humayun's Tomb in the morning. Coronation Memorial is FAR. Very far, and I got lost finding the place, but I found it eventually. Just FYI, it is near BurariChowk off NH-1 and is surreal. There is a huge obelisk over there commemorating George V, Emperor of India's visit to Delhi in 1911 at the famed 'Delhi Durbar' where our princely states decided to donate even more money to the coffers of the British Empire, whose monkey-eared next regent just married a horsey faced woman. Wonder what their kids would have looked like. Ugh!
Noticed prince William is already growing bald. Pity.
Humayun's Tomb is beautiful. I wonder why I hadn't been to it before. It is right next to Nizamuddin and is a wonderful monument. Other than the staircase that is.
OK, short post for now, lots of work and have a flight to catch later and packing to do.

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