Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Yet another movie and stonerness

Met up with Radu and Wertti last night and went to latter's pad in Def Col. While I'll narrate a couple of incidents from 'My adventures with Radu and Rodu' later, we'll talk a bit of the other persona I met up with. Wertti is an employee for big bad evil newspaper, working under ASG and he is also the only example of a seriously overpaid journo that I know. This guy has been in the fourth estate for around six months now and he gets 50k a month. No, really.
Not even overpaid and underworked PYT's on TV get that much. Well, his explanation for his gross overpaidness is the fact that this is compensation for the two years of hell he endured at IIM Calcutta. But, I'll admit this much unlike his other friends from that institute who sold themselves to corporate slavery pandering to inane consumerism - Wertti does have a life.
Most of which involves buying obscure pirated DVD's of movies I have never heard of.
For example, the movie we watched last night, or rather watched between several jj's of good Kasaul maal is called Chong qing sen lin or 'Chungking Express' in English. Simply put, the stor is about two love struck Hong Kong cops both dealing with rejection. In very strange ways, sometimes involving a lot of pineapple. The weird thing is that several characters do not have names - the two male lead actors are called Cop 233 and Cop 633.

But what is really cool about the DVD - and make sure you buy the 'Rolling Thunder' release of the movie is the before and after comments by Quentin Tarantino. For one, QT just loves Chinese movies - from Kung-Fu flicks to complicated and sometimes surreal emotional drama like this movie. But, QT's points are just so cool - for example - he points out that Faye Wong is really cute. Which he is, and whenever I will listen to the Mamas and the Papas song California Dreaming again, I will remember this girl. This is an interesting movie, and the bit about the Indian (I think Pakistani though) cocaine courier bit is a bit weird.
Even though this movie was made in 1994, a lot of Hong Kong was just so similar to the wy I saw it last year. The small alleyways with shops selling virtually anything - mainly really cheap electronics and good tailored suits. Hong Kong is a really interesting place to visit, not the Hong Kong that Jackie Chan advertises but the underbelly of the town. If you ever go there - after you get blown away by the new airport at Chep Lap Kok which is - despite the pitifully small smoking rooms - the bestest airport I have even travelled through. Then there is the Airport Express, which is spectacular. But, the underbelly is relatively easy to find. Just get to Kowloon and go to the Tsim Tsa Tsui subway stop. And walk down that road, it starts with High Street labels on the main road, but take any turn and you are trasported to another world of guys trying to offer you everything from women to digital cameras. Plus, there is a good Irish Bar somewhere on that road, forget its name though.
Started listening to some Joan Baez recently, trying to get over my recent obsession with Green Day's American Idiot, though I must say that is the best contemporary rock I have heard in a long time. Bossman may not think so, but Bossman's musical tastes are far too eclectic for most. Some might even say eccentric. Baez must have really madly in love with Bob Dylan, and her pain at getting dumped by 'the original vagabond' is evident to even someone who had hardly ever heard her before, forget pay attention to her music.
The new stereo in my car has really made me start listening to music all over again, and I had forgotten what a joy it is. Just like smoking up. I hardly partake of the leaf or congealed syrup (that is what Hash is, after all) very often nowadays - I find that it fucks up the next day, and I can't afford to do that anymore. But once in a while, I guess frying a few brain cells is OK.
Anyway, today my internet obsession is with food - and I found this rather interesting article online - by a madman redefines the term - "I'll eat anything"
I have also decided that only half an hour of office time will be spent on blogging, so my half hour is up. And i'll stop here for the time being.

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