Sunday, April 03, 2005

New caterer

Ah, the Naren is in the Srinagar. In Srinagar you get the most awesome food, fuck just thinking of the Ghostaba makes me salivate. Damn. Lucky bugger. And here I am in Delhi finally going to a gym. Should help me get to a decent BMI. Really, I've had enough of the 'beached whale' jokes.
There is a new caterer in the office canteen, and the food is noticably better. Seems less watered down and tasted better, though that said I should restart getting lunch from home. The problem being a journo sometimes is that you often have no clue where you end up at lunchtime and getting food from home usually means that it goes waste. Though, I must get someone to take me to Traventino at the Oberoi, I believe it is really good. The adjacent Three Sixty restuarant is amazingly good, they have the only good sushi I've had in Delhi.
For sushi though I believe you have to this one place in Manhattan called Naboo. Like the planet in Star Wars, but its owned by Robert DiNiro and is run by an Argetinian-born Japanese cook called Mr Naboo. Now I never went there, but my cuz, who is an extremely overpaid person did. Seven courses, with one morsel each and for the nice price of $200. But, its supposed to be spectacular, and even the toppest of top people can't get in there supposedly. God knows how my cuz managed.
While Naren is cooling his heels in Srinagar, I'm off to Agra for some Microsoft sponsored BS. But that is on Tuesday. There is a Formula One race in between then and now. I hope the Ferrari F2005 can do something now that the Scuderia have finally launched it and stop the rampaging Renaults and make the Flav man chill a bit.
I see we are giving the Paki boys a bit of a whipping in the one dayer. Anyway, let me get some work done and will report back after the evening exercise.
Actually maybe before that.


Agent J said...

Whatever you do, don't go to Travertino. Delhi's insidious and incestuous food critics be damned, those blokes are running the most preposterously priced joint and don't even know from one end of a Bologna sausage to the peel of a sun-dried tomato.

So you protest and tell the supercilious attitudes that no Italian kitchen is complete without the two above and you see eye balls rolled skywards and adam's apple bouncing under pink check ties swallowing profanities which couldn't be broadcast, I do have a great BC, MC collection in my vocab, having mastered in the Bengali art of Khisti in college.

And then the 'orrible prices 5k for a set lunch of 2 courses for 3, I mean that's the most expensive shit
I've ever had in my frigging life.
So, I finally cut loose, and threw a mini- tantrum- it's an art form if you can go apopleptic without losing your cool.
Great place to do it, you get spectators rushing in from 360 next door, and a great way to spread the message that these guys know jackshit about Italian cuisine.

Lousy place for food, great place for a food fight, if you know what I mean. ;-)

Snakeman said...

And the Gostaba here is good ... and then there's the Rista ... and the Rogan Josh ...