Friday, April 22, 2005

feel great and lost mangoes

I love this gymming business, now. The first week was bad, I would feel dead after ten minutes of cardio. Now, I'm enjoying it - a good 40-45 minutes on various machines broken up with some stretching and weight training. Even the weight training is feeling good, earlier my muscles would feel like someone had stabbed them, now not only am I feeling more energetic, which was my first aim, but I think there has been some palpable difference in the 'ponch'. Another two months and I think some amount of weight might actually be lost.
Friendgirl hates me - AGAIN. The problem today was that I did not spend as much time as she wanted to, particularly because she was going back to hometown in the evening. I would have loved to have spend time with her, but you can only spend 'so much' time in the middle of a workday. So she got angry, told me to leave, which I really had to anyway since I needed to converse with Bossman and me being insensitive cad, left also. The only problem was that she had bought some mangoes which she had left behind in my car, so well, I got four free mangoes.
Now, what I personally do not understand is that her hometopwn is Can-Pore which is the middle of UP mango country. Its quite defeatist to take mangoes to langra country. But, I don't claim to understand women.
Maybe Friendgirl wanted to scream at me anyway because of monumental decision.

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