Tuesday, April 05, 2005

What the price of oil is doing to Dubai....

I really don't need to say that much...
And Mani Aiyar wants to give them even more of our money. Maybe he'll buy the New Delhi island, just like Rod Stewart has bought the United Kingdom island.
Just watching BBC World where Steven Cole just just said that there are 7,000,000 bloggers. And Click Online goes on to suggest how bloggers are attacking the domination of MainStreamMedia (MSM) effecting the resignations of Dan Rather and Eason Jordan. But, being a lowly paid member of the MSM, I really don't think so. Half the blogs in the world are big time cut and paste jobs and most of the Indian ones are rants. And MSM - ie Jain and Jain Company Limited (to give them a modern name) managed to shut down the one really good blog that there was Mediaah. Desi Media Bitch though a great read, or used to be great read got really really got up in the Tsunami, again rather populated by members of the MSM who like to bitch out their bosses. However, Rums blog is a great, and though the food is often rather exotic, its a better read than Big Cheese's rather boring columns on Sunday and makes a good diversion from blogs maintained by mediapersons (all employed by members of MSM, OK so rums is an ex-member of MSM) or techies (which all kinda obsess either on Aishwariya Rai or Alyssa Milano).
It was also pointed out that the talking bellybutton ad was a rip-off of an old Levi's low-rise Jeans ad. Hai, total lack of creativity in Indian advertising. If you guys want to check some great ads, visit these websites, niether actually safe for work, but if you can see past the implants, there are some really great ads hosted at both Dracule (be sure to see the Corvette ad) and LaCroqueta (some great and innovative Pepsi advertising from Brazil and some of Tarsem's work with Levi's).

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