Saturday, April 02, 2005

things that make you go... behanc***!

I know I should be working. Really, I have a lot of work. Which I must finish, because I am starting the gym routine from today, you know I must lose weight shit. Actually, its the 'I must lose weight so that I can get more sex' thing, and occasional FriendGirl will now kill me for making that statement, because she starts gymming as well.
OK, but the reason I came here was to show you useless buggers, who read this pointness blog of mine - The Musuem of Bad Album Covers

WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT??? Is this gay or is this gay. And bad gay at that? And what on earth does Showaddywaddy mean? Someone please please tell me.
For very obviously obvious reasons I cannot post the worst ever album cover, or the one voted to that position by visitors to that site. Y'see I'ld be arrested on charges of displaying kiddie pornography if I did, but from the pic above I hope you get the picture, anyway visit the site to hear of even more musicians that you have never heard of - like the 'The Singing Postman' and the 'The Louvin Brothers'. And to think that I actually listened to that group once upon a blue moon.

OK, back to work, more posts later.
And happy April Fool's Day, by the way. That said, the site above is not a joke. Nor is the fact that Gmail (email by Google) is increasing storage capacity to TWO GIGABYTES. I've had computers with less storage capacity less than seven years ago.
Damn! Now there is even more space for pRon in my inbox.

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rums said...

wonder why don't name your blogs 'velapanti 1, velapanti 2...' and so on. btw, you are doing good stories so i guess a little velapanti is fine.