Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Be my lover bubbly

I've often wondered why no person has ever set up a blog to bitch out advertising in India. I mean just look at the new ads from Coke and Pepsi, especially the latter. I mean, Aamir Khan in drag is better looking than anorexic models, but women with talking bellybuttons. Fuck. I didn't know what to say when I first saw it, but as one friend nicely pointed out, "Yet another hole to put the willy in." Thankfully someone took out a PIL and removed that part, because even though I am an unabashed sexist bastard (or so Friendgirl says) and an unapologetic viewer of kinky Japanese pRon (and my god those guys are kinky) this was a bit too much on public TV. Anyway, someone put up an AVI on Rapidshare of this ad, so click here to download it.
Of course, the other problem I have is with motorcycling adverts. Several of them have guys going around without helmets (though very few do that nowadays). I believe adverts should promote safety, I mean promoting promiscuity (a la Moods condoms) is fine, I mean condoms are supposed to be safe, right? Anyway, I shouldn't get too mad about these things either, after all its just marketing. Anyway, I do kinda like the new Surf ad, you know the 'do bucket pani' thing.

Oh, Pope John Paul II died on Saturday night, and may his soul rest in peace. It is good thing the man died, because watching his suffering (and he was suffering a lot) was becoming rather unbearable. He was also the only Pope so far in my rather not so long lifetime, so it will be nice seeing the Roman Catholic Church getting another spiritual leader. And hopefully change their stance on contraception as well.

On another front, again regarding Christianity, the first openly gay bishop says that Jesus might well have been homosexual. Which would probably explain the behaiviour of lots of priest folks around little boys. But will still not explain Michael Jackson.
Anyway, I believe that terrorists (or some assholes in London) have managed to stall the dry run of the Srinagar - Muzzafarabad bus. But, friend Nag in Srinagar, will report in, if he is not too busy fattening himself. Oh yeah, and I am off to Agra tomorrow, so I will blog from the city of the Taj, maybe even post some pics of the Taj with a million people teeming all around it. I'll maybe even make another entry tonight.


rums said...

the pepsi ad is not just bad, the talking belly button idea is a sad copy of a levi's 'low rise' ad that was done in europe few years back by michel gondry. speaks volumes about creativity or the lack of it, in the indian ad world....

biignoog@yahoo.com said...


Am a first timer at ur site...u were saying abt the absence of an indian ad-oriented blog....well, i was quite struck by the coincidence as i actually started a blog a few days back and was seriously pondering over adding ads in it..as it interests me big time. so i guess now i'll take ur mention as a go-ahead...

Ironically, my first article was gonna be abt this very 'bubbly' ad...when i saw it...apart from guessing wat the fuck did pepsi 'dew' now...i was also pondering over the suggested gender of our very lovable 'bubbly'. And this was actually gonna b the first ad-centered article on my blog...but i figured, wat the hell...(i've also dloaded the ad from the link u gave..thx...if u hav some more..pls b a little kinder...)

coming to bubbly, there r two ways of lookin at it..(or atleast that i know of) if u count the characters in the ad to be just male, female and 'bubbly', then if both the chicks and the guys are after bubbly to be it's/his/her lover, of wat gender then does bubbly belong to?Hmmm...
Is pepsi shitting in subliminal gay/lesbian messages into day-to-day family telivision?

This has Tyler Durden(Fight Club) written ALL OVER it!

Ok, now over to the second possibility, we gonna kink-it-uppa bit...(i must have put myself in the shoes of the affable and kinky japs u mentioned...btw..i've seen jap-porn too :))

Lets now say the characters involved in the ad are now SRK, 3 chicks with talking belly buttons, a talking guitar,a singing spotlight, a jamaican-reggae ham-burger, another talking shirt-pocket (is ur friend interested?), an ever-'hungry' house and last but not the least the cola bottle, Bubbly.

And all the while u have these 'characters' demanding Bubbly's love...while our bubbly 'innocently' looks on...much like the japanese girls at the begining of their clips...

Thankfully the first point was only showing gay/lesbian possibilities...but the second one is an all-out orgy! And not a very normal orgy at that...this one is Men In Black meets the B-grade American fantasy porn flicks kind..(have u seen those?) This one's got chicks' bellies, guitars,spotlights,burgers,bottles...and most of them have holes...god only knows wats supposed to go where... so there's plenty of room to go by..;)
I just wanna say that at the end of all this...as an innocent and an unimaginative consumer, i feel victimised by this warped and sick campaign :) and that it's subliminal messaging has caused me much emotional distress and pain.
Damn! this would've made a killer lawsuit had i been in the US... anyways..I'm sure has hell not gonna let any kids around me watch this ad in the future...

(this article was all meant in good fun and shudnt b taken seriously...I do feel, however that matters of sexual preference concern only the ppl involved and shudnt b judged by anyone else.)