Monday, May 02, 2005


Bad one it was too. Home PC on the blink, Friendgirl fell ill, the only decent stratch of fast roain the NCR got shut, etc etc etc. But I saw a decent movie - Hazaron Khwaishesh Aise. Now, the weird thing about this movie is that I could associate with half the characters - I mean not emotionally or ideologically - but because I think I've met several of these guys. The movie stinks, literally stinks, Stephania. And trust me, I am very sure that Sudhir Mishra the director would have shot the movie in SSC had Anal Wilson been less well, Anal. Instead, they shot it across the road in 'indu. It gets even weirder, my Dad and half his friends were mad Naxalite revolutionaries - they read Trotsky and thought they could well, change the world. half of them today are either right wing intellectuals (like Dad), corporate types who have 60-foot speedboats parked off a Marina in New England or Joint/Additional Secreatries in the government. Brilliant, this left wing life, eh. The problem is, people like me who get born to such 'visionaries' get stuck with a stupid nickname whose genesis lies in some Russian word for revolution or something. Almost all these guys, did what the characters in the movie did - ran away to Oxford, Cambridge or Harvard. Heck, our oil Minister used to collect funds for the Communist party during the Sino-Indian war of 1962.
To me, communism is an idea far ahead of its time, while I agree that wealth distribution should be more equitable, given the rather extreme differences we see in India - Inequality as we know it is inevitable. This is why half (maybe all) the jholawallahs in college hated me, because I argued against this sort of stuff. I argued against revolution the way only someone who has grown up around mad people who believed in revolution can. Society according to me is founded on inequality. Every single relationship is based on that. An equitable society akin to what Plato (incidentally Plato means 'Broad' in Greek and he was a professional wrestler who quit when he was denied entry into the Olympic Games) proposes in The Republic, make sure people mate only to have children and when the children are born raise them in a commune away from their parents. Plato, my friends, I believe deeply inspired Hitler as well as the villain in Moonraker.
That is possibly the only way you can get some sort of equality in the world. And needless to say, that is impossible. I mean just imagine the size of creche that India would need.
However, this does not take away from the fact that we do need some level of 'income adjustment'. I mean, half the people in marketing that I meet should ideally be removed from the human gene pool, thay are that dumb, really. Especially guys who sell TV's and carbonated soft drinks. And they get paid a ton. Now, ToI the other day carried an article with the contention that India would gain over China because we have so many young people. Oh hell yeah, we have to create 300 million jobs in the next decade. Now, despite media booms (which has led to very dumb people becoming journos) and BPO shit-shat, 300 million fucking jobs is a freaking scary number. And when you go to villages or semi-urban India the gap between urban and rural youth becomes starkely apparent. These people have been given a taste of the good life by TV, they know the latest products and gadzmos, but they don't have the incomes to get them. And the cities are letting few outsiders in thanks to their nepotistic culture.
I mean just look at St Stephen's College - its a weird game of 'My Daddy Strongest' over there half the time. Everybody whose anybody in this town and has a decently intelligent kid go there to student. Only losers you see go abroad for undergrad. And anybody who says, mainly girls, "Oh I got admission but never went", are usually lying (in 99.999% of the cases, there is only one genuine case I've heard about where a girl turned down SSC for LSR but ended back at SSC, it does that). And back to the issue, SSC turns out more psuedo jholawallahs than any other institution in the country. JNU chaps are not so psuedo, just terribly misguided - towards Nestle. Example - my favorite teacher in college - Ashley Tellis (homosexual and proud of it) wanted the RSS banned, while Naxalites were fighting for a cause and we argued for months on this. City thinking. While I disagree with half of what the RSS says, they are the best relief organistion in the country. More organised than any (and I mean this) left-wing NGO. At most relief sites the RSS is there before the armed forces and way before jholawallah NGO's get in.
OK, so the RSS is led by a bunch of people who are mad, but still the organisation just needs a bit more pragmatic leadership. As do the Naxals and Maoists. And the country mind you!
Because we have to create one heck of a lot of jobs as well as make life more equitable here. God knows how it will happen, but you bloody well pray that it isn't through a social revolution, because it well may be.


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who has written this?

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Nice artice. I rarely read it last, but it was compelling enough to go till end.