Friday, May 27, 2005


I don't know where to begin. The last three days have been bordering on the insane, I mean just look at what happened in the Champions League final, who would have thought that Liverpool would have hauled AC Milan back with such a brilliant second half performance. They got a second wind, I'm still trying to find mine. I need something au naturel and not do some substance that perks me back up, because god knows I need a major pick-me-up. Why? Work has been crazy of late, and today I'm told that a story that I have been working on is going to be dropped. I understand the compulsions of ads and no ads, but to be told that your story will be dropped is tremensously deflating. However, by now I should be used to things like this happening, but I just can't help feeling awful. And that just happened today morning. Yesterday was on the whole far worse, far, far worse. It began at seven in the morning, after I had crashed at four in the morning after watching the really good game at Wertti's place. Anyway, the parents wanted the keys to the Innova that I was test driving and the driver proceeded to lose the keys. Again, I understand the laws of probability and things like that can happen, but how the fuck can he lose the keys. It was a fucking big key too. So then proceeded a very 'swallowing my pride' conversation with Toyota's PR agency, and I have to admit they were very sweet about the entire matter. So hopefully, unlike Jeremy Clarkson Toyota will let me drive a car again. Anyway, that incident led me to be fairly grouchy by the time I eventually woke up at around nine (five hours of sleep + lost keys + AC Milan loss = Anger) and then Friendgirl and I have been having issues of late, inclusding her telling me off for not cuddling up to her and rather watching the game (good decision, really) so I decided to call her. Needless to say, we began arguing with each other in twenty seconds (ten seconds more than I expected) and well, things got pretty bad and I had to go over to her house (missing an hour of work) and calm her down. And then work. Work, and more work. Argh! I need a break, I'll go somewhere next wekend. Alone if need be.
One good thing did come out of the last few days, Wertti got me a book called 'Born to be Riled' - the collected writings of Jeremy Clarkson. Thanks mate!

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