Saturday, May 14, 2005

Weekend is here... Yay!

Friendgirl thinks that my constant barbs of her over here make her look like a female count Dracula. Hmmm... Given the way she makes for my neck sometimes, I hesitate to dispel that theory, but then again she is obssessed with observing herself in the mirror and after watching countless episodes of Sarah Michelle Gellar's boobs bounce up and down in Buffy I can say with authority now that vampires do not have any reflection. Just like Ajay Devgan's ghost in that godawful movie - Kaal which is bit of The Sixth Sense, Ghost and the Darkness and a lot of titty show. Anyway, as I was complaining.. gosh no, saying... its the weekend. Yay! And I have to go to Fat Ron's wedding reception tonight. There go my plans of making this into sex, drugs and alcohol filled night of debauchery. Damn!
On another note, I just finished reading a book that #2 told me to read, and it was frigging brilliant. It is Malcolm Gladwell's Tipping Point and it is a great read. I loved the example about Lester Wunderman in the book. I've actually met old man Wunderman in Jaipur while I was covering AdAsia 2003, he is a wonderful man, and though he found it difficult to defend spam emails, as they are after all an insididous form of direct marketing, it was a great meeting. I think I still have transcrpits of all the interviews I took during that event and might just post them up soon.
I have also decided to make minor changes to the blog. One the light green hyperlink colour is a bit too low contrast for me, so I'll change the template. In the process I also plan to change the heading and the blurbs here and there. Might as well work on this baby. I might be a member of the mainstream media but I have actually taken to this blog.
Anyway, for the time being, while I work away at changing the look of the blog, here are some links.
I post Darth Vader's Blog again, read bottom up.
You can't make this up.
The Nokia fashion phone ads by David La Chappelle
Firefox adverts by Funnyfox (note: You need to update your Firefox browser)
Now, to change things. Will post before I go to Fat Ron's wedding!


livinghigh said...

hey ;-)
1. the reva ride sounds like a blast!
2. better than TC??? seriously?! wow.. lol
3. is this great kebab factory the one in punjabi bagh?
(used to live in delhi, in patel nagar, abt eight months back, and am still on a dilli-hangover! )

K said...

Better than TC in the sense that it isn't in the freaking basement and has more space....
Great Kebab Factory in Radisson
The Reva ride.... more stories later