Monday, May 30, 2005

Crash, boom, bang...

I don't know why, but I called Adsomus last night, and guess what, he told me of yet another suicide about someone I know. Siddharth Sinha, many years my senior at college, known to all and sundry as SidSin, and I was closer to AdSin, his younger brother who was in my batch, but SidSin recently went to ISB, Hyderabad, was placed at the COO of Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad and then decided to end his life, for no apparent reason. Why, I have no clue, and the only things on this are some random posts for people from ISB.
God knows, what happened and may his soul rest in peace, something that obviously life wasn't letting him do, but 2005 seems to be a suicide-themed year, not the marriage themed year I thought it would be. I mean I get scared whenever Friendgirl jokingly or otherwise wants to kill herself. Sooner or later at this rate, someone very close to me might just get themselves. This is getting very scary.
Anyway, the only way to deal with news like this is to forget it, and sweep it under the dark recesses of your brain, hoping that your synapses never fire in a fashion to make this memory come back to haunt you again.
Before I heard this news, I had a decent Sunday. Friendgirl had been particularly sweet in the morning, I watched a lot of TV in the afternoon after single-daddy cancelled (as is usual) and then caught the European GP with Wertti and Friendgirl. I felt really sad for Kimi Raikkonen, because it meant that I hadto watch Flavio Briatore dance up and down the park firme. And that was followed by a very nice dinner at Dum Pukht at the Maurya, which is always good. And then you hear that someone you know has killed themselves. Am I depressed? I guess not, just confused. I mean what can go so drastically wrong that you have to kill yourself. I think this country is heading into a golden era of suicides. I wonder when the national newsmedia will catch. Wait no, we are more obsessed about Lalu Yadav's nose hair. Maybe in a years time India Today will suddenly make an awful cover and headline it 'Why are more young Indians killing themselves?'. Outlook will do jackshit because a suicide cover won't get their editor an ambassadorship which only Congress chest beating stories can (might) get.
I feeling like sighing. A lot.


Anonymous said...

Listen, what you told me has left me very depressed. Why is everyone suddenly pissed off with me?

What have I done really?

Nishant said...
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Anonymous said...
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