Thursday, May 12, 2005

Bad Wednesday, worse Thursday....

Its been a bad bad bad day. One can even say ugly, but today is another tale, lets go to yesterday first.
Yesterday my day was messed up playing an elaborate juggling game between Friendgirl, Family and assorted friends which involved a plan of going to watch 'Kingdom of Heaven' which unfortunately no hall in the bloody capital is playing, because Warner Brothers India have had a spat with Ajjay Bijli (he of the double J's). Now as much as I hate most PVR halls, for gods sake they are the only option here, maybe Bijli should get his dad's old goons to beat up the Warner Brothers chaps here, maybe that'll teach them. So, the plan was to go to Neeodha to Wave. Instead I ended up going to eat dinner at 'The Great Kebab Factory', which is unashamedly meaty and awesome.
But, it was a bad day before that. My gym trainer told me that despite hard work nothing much was happening so he decided to try and kill me, or rather get me to kill myself. I can't move my biceps properly today. I'll end up looking like one of those monkeys in the gym. I am seriously beginning to think if this gym business was a good idea after all. But I will persist until some weight goes.
Before that there was the story drama. Y'see I have somehow ended up with two big stories by a strange quirk of fate. So associated headaches of stories are thumping me. And then things get surreal, which is not a good thing when your head is thumping and you have the weirdest photographer in your magazine in tow. And then I had to meet a man with an electric car who is trying to tell me that this is the car of the future. Meet Chetan Maini, I mean the guy is really sweet and all, but 5000 electric cars in a year next year. The man plans to sell as many as 1200 this year. 800 of them in India.
I have driven a Reva. Nay they had given me one for a week. Yes it is cheap to run, insanely cheap. Ten units of power cost at most Rs 40 and that can power you 60-80km. OK, so feel like you'll die at any moment, because a mad blueline driver will mistake you for a colourful speedbreaker. And being made of plastic, it doesn't really fill you with confidence. That said it very easy to drive, heck even av drove the car. But coming down Moolchand flyover, as the car manages to go past 70k's you feel as if its going to come apart, really. Even the Balupunkt system they had put in the car I was driving couldn't drown out the rattling, because my vertebrae were knocking against each other.
Now Mr Maini has said that he has developed a roadster, with new battery technology, which bumps range up to 200km, a car with a 37kW engine (thats more powerful than my Alto), more torque than a Qualis and a top speed of 120k's. Which is fast. And all thanks to some new battery technology called Sodium Metal Chloride, which has 130kWhr per kg versus 37kWhr on the old lead batteries. Hmm..
He hasn't productionised the car yet, but even I've got to admit that it looked sweet - DC Design and all. However, the guy really has to get build quality better. Much better.
Now, I have to get back to work, will post later.

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