Wednesday, May 25, 2005

OK, this has to have been one of the worst days ever....

OK, this is one of times I am really happy I don't have a semi-automatic pistol. Because I would have emptied some rounds into somebody or something today. Pissed, is an understatement. One I'm under severe work stress. You know that thing Rumsfeld won the 'Foot in the Mouth' Award for for 'Known knowns, known unknowns and unknown unknowns', well I have to find ten known unknowns and make them known in double quick time. Maybe I was a tad lazy on Friday when I was given the story, no not maybe, I was lazy on Friday and I should have done more, but hindsight is worthless right now. Anyway, at least the second story I'm working on is a lot more of relatively 'known knowns'. I feel a bit like Donnie Darko right now. God knows why, I think I'm getting very close to being very fucked.
Anyway, I went to the Maruti Swift presser and for once tried to leave the presser before I stuffed my face with food. I had to work you see. But no, Bill Clinton didn't letme work. How, you might ask did the 42nd President of the USA stop my work. You see, the presser was at the Maurya and Billy is staying there on a visit to India (presumably to search out young plump women with blue cocktail dresses) and the hotel got sanitised - nobody could come in, or in my case go out. From 1.30 to 2.45 in the afternoon, even with some insane driving to office, the earliest I could make it was 3.10. I suddenly hate the Democratic Party.
Then, once I got in, the STD line decides to go bonkers. I've had to make several calls from my mobile, which is cool, but office doesn't pay my bills, but work has to get done after all, and 'The STD line was down", won't cut it as an excuse. Why phones go down in this day and age is beyond my comprehension, but theyb did. I want to stamp and break the instrument.
All this at a time when I haven't partaken of any substances in some time (I'm trying to be a good boy), plus I'm to cut down of cigarettes. Brilliant.
I'm going to buy one of those new fangled consoles and buy a good shoot'em game. Maybe I'll just buy a PS2 as soon as I save up some money.

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