Monday, May 16, 2005

Woolly left of centre environmentalists

Read this week's Clarkson in the Times...

Why? Let me quote....

"So if it’s not the environment and it’s not safety, why have the world’s woolly-headed left-of-centre nitwits got it in for the off-roader?

I found a clue recently in a road test of Aston Martin’s DB9. It appeared in The Guardian and it had been written by the red-headed, red-blooded, red-flagged Robin Cook, MP.

Let me give you some of his observations. He said its sheer wanton opulence was “positively repugnant” and that if you want to build a “cohesive, fair society” the Aston is a car you should avoid because it makes you “very nasty indeed”.

You see the problem here. When I look at a man in an Aston Martin I think: “One day I’ll have one of those.” When Cook looks at a man in an Aston Martin he thinks: “One day I’ll have him out of that.”

He’s consumed with jealousy, and jealousy of course is the bedrock of socialism. That’s why Cook and his kind have got it in for the off-roader, because they’re expensive and because they’re tall, so the driver gets to look down on lesser mortals in their Vauxhalls and Fords."

I don't know if you've seen this movie, its called Star Wars Revelations and its pretty cool, is a fan movie made by Star Wars geeks.

Anyway, my next post should be from within the bconfines of the stupid Videocon Tower in the middle of parking hell sometime tomorrow. Take care and I should eat dinner now.

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